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A Summer Feast

July 14, 2013 // Vancouver

Today was one of those perfect summers day that fill you up and you know that down the road they’ll give you those happy lovey feelings (remember the good ol’ days! kind of feelings). Ben and my husband left early from a trek around Vancouver’s Stanley Park and they returned several hours later with lots to tell and my husband was ready for a nap. Love that kind of adventure.

The day ticked on and we didn’t do any of the stuff on our perpetual to do list or get much done but we did relax and enjoy what this city has to offer families, especially during the summertime. Ben and I played at the park and I finally let him frolic in the water feature next to us. The breaking point was when I saw this dude lounging around on a pool floaty reading his book. So, Ben put on his water shoes on and dipped his feet into the cool water.

My husband took the water taxi from our neighbourhood over to Granville Island and the unfortunate happened. Josie fell asleep at 4:30 PM and had a 30 minute nap while some grocery shopping went on. Her usual bedtime came and went and she was energized and happy and full of toddler giggles. Ben went off to bed and the 3 of us had a perfect summertime meal together.

Our weekend summer feast: pan roasted halibut paired with roasted zucchini with parmesan and pine nuts. More local goodness with corn on the cob and a micro green salad with a tomato basil vinaigrette. Things were so fresh that the zucchini had literally just been soaking up the morning rays hours before back at the farm. Little Jo feasted on all of the above and particularly enjoyed the corn on the cob with a lot of enthusiasm.



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