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Summer Lovin’

July 9, 2013 // Vancouver

I feel like a case of the grumps is easily cured when skies are full of sunshine. Maybe more so than when you live somewhere that isn’t frequently sunny like Hawaii or Florida might be. This morning I was doing the morning walk to Ben’s preschool and I found myself complaining that it was too hot, that my pants were sticking to my legs and my bra was getting all sweaty. Then I got a grip and told myself off for being negative about a totally awesome thing like sunshine. Like, come on already!

Here is my own summer lovin’ list. Meant to make you feel good and snap you out of a case of the grumps (in case you are so inclined).

1. Iced coffee for the win! I’ve switched most of my caffeine from hot to cold and I’m loving the sound of ice cubes bumping around while I sip my iced americano. Something about iced coffee just screams summertime and I can totally get behind that. Pro tip: Instant Via coffee from Starbucks makes a great fast iced coffee at home or on the go. Ice, water, dash of cream mix with the Via and enjoy.

2. Wearing tank tops and embracing the jiggly bits that live on my upper arms. I used to feel a bit of hatred towards parts of my body because I didn’t feel like it fit my ideal of perfect, then I decided to embrace what I have and not let my own insecurities prevent me from wearing a tank top on a warm summers day.

3. Tiny baby sundresses for Josie, because they are cute and easy to put on a very wriggly toddler. Which makes things easier for everyone. Paired with her pink chucks and we are in business.

4. Taking snapshots of my new niece Alice, who is a full on summertime baby is a definite happy boost. Combine sunshine happiness with new baby love and you get some serious happiness. Take that case of grumps!

5. Stretches of sunny days is good news for people who are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder, as sunshine apparently does make you happier what with its serotonin and dopamine boosts. Click here to read more on the topic.

Go on and tell me, what part of sunshine filled days do you love best?



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