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Summer Sipping


It’s nearing the end of the month and soon we will be turning the page of the calendar which just naturally flags that we’re in full swing of summertime. Luckily Vancouver is having a gorgeous stretch of perfect weather and I haven’t worn pants in weeks now. It’s all summer skirts and dresses over here as I’ve never been too keen on wearing shorts (it’s a thigh thing people). All of our neighbours seem to be in a state of a constant good moods and I’m enjoying the mix of locals leaving the city for vacations and tourists coming to check out our city.

During a recent walk in our neighbourhood we came across a micro distillery and decided to sample their gin. At 33 years of age I’ve never had a gin and tonic until about 3 weeks ago so this was a new experience for me. Whenever I was to have an adult bevy I’d lean towards a glass of vino or maybe a cocktail. However, a few weeks ago my brother in law mixed up a G+T and it quickly become the summertime drink for me and my husband.

Tonight we are sipping on a cool London Dry gin from Vancouver’s Long Table Distillery mixed perfectly with their LT boutique tonic and a generous squeeze of lime. I love the ice cubes slinking around the glass and the taste is refreshing and clean. I also totally dig supporting small local businesses, so it’s really a win win for everyone involved.


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