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Kindergarten Baby

August 13, 2013 // Parenting, Vancouver

I haven’t been around the blogosphere as much as I’d like to these days, but that’s only because I’ve really been soaking up these summer days away from the computer. I’m in total denial that summer is coming to an end and I get it that Fall is just around the corner. I know all this but I’m wearing blinders because I’m loving this time together with my kids before Ben goes off to full day kindergarten.

Right now we can have lazy mornings whenever we want to and have play dates at noon on a Wednesday. Right now the days are ours but at the same time I’m totally ready for this change to happen. It is these kinds of milestones that really make parenting fun for me. I know, so mushy.

Big boy Ben swimming laps

Besides being a sentimental fool I also have a top 5 happy list to share with you. Drum roll please.

1. I am happy that I had the foresight to book a massage for the afternoon following my night shift. Especially so after applying counter pressure on one of my labouring mamas hips for 3 hours last night.

2. Subsequently, I am very happy that I booked the nanny till 4 PM. A little sleep, a good massage and lots of water is where it’s at. I am not a person who can run on no sleep after being up all day and working all night.

3. Very excited for the return of Breaking Bad and more excited to be watching it tonight all cozied up with my husband. Bring it on!

4. The other day my sis and baby came out for a visit. I loved being able to do some baby wearing with sweet Alice while we were outside. It gives me the baby fix I need to help curb my thoughts about a 3rd baby.

5. My parents came over last week and got busy doing household errands for me. My dad hung up a clock and some art in the kids room and every time Josie sees the clock she shouts out, “PAPA!!”. Seriously, that makes me happy.

Little Josie hard at work

PS. I just switched my commenting system from Blogger to Intense Debate and am having problems getting my comments to update the count. Has anyone else troubleshooted this before?

PPS. I’ve been reading each lovely comment like I always do! I always appreciate hearing and interacting with my blog readers.




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