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Portland Food Cart Tour FTW!

August 31, 2013 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways

One of the things we had heard about Portland before we left was that they had a reputation for being a foodie city which was enough to send our mouths watering and our expectations increasing. Our experiences dining out around the city did not disappoint and we truly did not have any sub par experiences. We did do a couple of official sit down meals where we dressed up and enjoyed cocktails and multiple plates of delicious dinner. However, a casual find that was really fantastic was the group walking tour exploring various food carts downtown.

We had brought back up clothing and shoes in case it turned to rain but we lucked out and got a dry afternoon!

We went with Flavor Street Walking Tour and sampled 6 different food trucks through downtown. Going on a walking tour, especially one with yummy food, is a fantastic way to check out a new city, especially when you have a limited amount of time like we did. Being able to talk to a local and ask questions and get the inside scoop is really priceless. I also loved the questions my girlfriends asked our tour guide along the way; like, why is there so many peeler clubs downtown? Because there actually is a lot of them, apparently even vegan peeler clubs too. Who knew?

My favorite food find happened to be at the first stop where we sampled two different dumplings at The Dump Truck. I actually didn’t know that I loved dumplings as much as I do until I had these ones. This food cart tour was full of great flavours all the way to the end and we all agreed how much fun we had. A definite must if you are in Portland and want to sample some delicious bites.

We started out at The Dump Truck and finished up with fresh waffles

I enjoyed all the stories from our tour guide that went along with all the sampling. Like the treats from the Paleo style food cart and the salmon shack.

While Vancouver is starting to take off in their food truck culture, Portland already has it down and it is thriving. It would be absolutely amazing if Vancouver eventually caught up and had a similar presence downtown. One interesting difference between the two cities is that in Vancouver the food trucks are actually trucks. They arrive and park, cook and serve, and drive off when it’s all over. In Portland they are more fixed carts and many have themed props and awnings.

This is the girl who made this tour happen and who thoroughly enjoyed the Korean taco we sampled. Thanks Heidi!



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