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It’s Playtime With Peekaboo Beans!

September 11, 2013 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways

One of my good friends Sarah decided to take her love affair with the local children’s clothing Peekaboo Beans a step further and became a Play Stylist for the company. On top of her job as a busy RN and mama to Brooke, Sarah loves to talk about all things Peekaboo Beans and really loves what the company as a whole stands for.

“I really stand behind the quality of this product and the focus on play”- Sarah Dickinson, Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist

When Sarah first told me she was going to become a play stylist I was already familiar with this product line, however, I hadn’t yet tried out any of their play clothing. What I did remember was seeing their wears in a local shop and feeling the quality of the clothing and the fun designs that they had to offer. So, when Sarah asked me if Ben wanted to test drive some Peekaboo Beans clothing I did not hesitate to sample what they had to offer.

I was given the Peace Brah Tee in surf blue, the At Ease short in navy and the On The Go hoodie in dust. My very favourite piece out of all the three was the At Ease short. When Ben first was wearing these shorts they were pretty long on him, which was perfect for covering his knees during busy playtimes outside. He had a growth spurt and they still fit him perfectly because of their generous length.

If you asked Ben about his favourite piece it would absolutely be his On The Go hoodie. He is able to independently zip it up and when he discovered that the first time there was a lot of happiness and squeals! Peekaboo Beans has made sure to put the details where they matter and gave a perfectly sized zip that is easy for little hands to maneuver on their own. Very important when you are sending them off to school.

One thing I really like about this clothing is that their fabric washes up so nicely. No pilling or fading, I literally wash and dry and it comes out looking great. Which is important to me as, probably like you, I don’t have the energy to worry about wrinkles or creases.

Playtime on the beach! Jumping! Running! Let’s go!

When I asked Sarah what was one of her favourite things about working for this company she was quick to tell me about the playgrounds that are built in association with the Canadian charity Playground Builders who help build playgrounds from the ground up in war torn areas. Read more about their work here.

Connect with Sarah on Twitter @NorthVan_Beans or check out her Play Stylist Facebook page for up to date info and more.

Have you ever tried Peekaboo Beans clothing before? What is important to you when buying your kids clothing?

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