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The 5 Year Plan

September 9, 2013 // Parenting

There is nothing like watching a child grow up to really show you how much time has passed by. When people talk about their personal 5 year plan I don’t actually have one. However, I can say that I do have a newly minted 5 year old and that alone is quite something. It turns out my 5 year old too is a good example of a 5 year plan; he started out as my premature fussy high needs baby and 5 years later he is a lovely sweet smart considerate boy.

While doing some birthday party prep I asked Ben if he wanted his friends to give him presents or if he would be interested in having a $5 party. I had heard of this idea from my older sister and was quite into the theme. If you haven’t heard of this before, basically, you give the birthday kid their age in money. However, there is a fantastic catch to it all! You give $5.00 to Ben, instead of a present, and another $5 for him to collect and donate to a special cause. Ben got really excited by this idea and chose to donate the collection to the Vancouver SPCA. In his words, ‘I get to help some dogs who need extra help!’. He will take his personal collection and we’ll go together and buy one awesome toy.

This kind of birthday party is a big win win situation for everyone involved. Parents of the invited children don’t have to feel pinched or stressed about buying another elaborate birthday present. As apartment dwellers we don’t have to heave a sigh of exasperation as more and more toys join the ranks. We also get to see our child really understand what it means to give and see how his help can benefit someone/something else.

It’s A Me! Mario!

Even I got into the moustache fun. How do you like my Hulk Hogan stache?



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