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October 17, 2013 // Apartment Living, Parenting

I am a mama in the city. I’m not unique or special, in fact I’m a MITC along with 100’s of other mothers in downtown Vancouver. Together we all live in apartments, trek around the city with strollers, walk more than drive, and enjoy local tourist spots as our everyday adventures.

Today was no exception and while the baby (yes, we still call her ‘baby’ despite being a solid 21 months old) napped and my husband worked from home, I quickly jetted out of our condo and high tailed it over to Granville Island Public Market for a quick grocery shop for dinner. There are many pro’s and con’s to having a spouse who works from home, a big pro is being given the chance to whip out during the whole nap scenario that happens around 11-1 PM.

This morning there was a brisk coolness in the air and all of the trees along the seawall were bursting with gorgeous Autumn colours. As I walked from our place to the water taxi I realized how much I relished being alone to do some errands; so incredibly simple but really appreciated. The water taxi is literally a 3 minute ride from one dock to the next and takes me longer to wait for the next water taxi to arrive then it does to cross False Creek. I love that part of being a MITC. Amidst todays tourists from Japan and Germany, I was heading out to do my everyday errands.

My plan was to buy groceries to make a sweet potato hash and also grab an espresso to fuel me up for the rest of the day. I love wandering around the public market fetching a little bit of this and that from all of the different stalls. I also really love seeing all of the tourists taking it all in for the first time. My favourite stop for dinner groceries was Oyama Sausage Company where I purchased the best tasting sausages for my hash. Hands down their sausage made my dish, so much so that the ‘baby’ ate seconds.

This round trip happens in about 30 minutes and dinner has fresh groceries to cook with. I love this.

So nice.

Are you a MITC too? I’d really love to hear from you! Of course, there has to be some cons to raising a family in the city, but I really adore all of the pluses, and I love it when something feels just right. So, let’s be honest, would you/could you raise your family in the downtown of a city?



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  1. *waves* Being just across False Creek from you, I do love being a short bike ride from Granville Island.

  2. I’m about to be a MITC, living in Fairview! I’ve often worried how we will do it in an apartment in the city rather than a house and backyard with 2 vehicles in the suburbs, but reading your blog keeps me positive and excited that we can! Thank you! 🙂

  3. I think my favourite part of living in the city is how liveable it is. We walk so much and I feel like everything is just a 10 minute walk one way or the other. I’m waving back!

  4. Okay, I love that and I am blushing. How exciting for you to be having this big move coming up. That is very exciting and a great neighbour to move too. You are going to love it!!

  5. I am and always have been a MITC- we love it- our stomping grounds are right in the heart of Gastown and believe it or not this has made it super easy to raise a young family! We are steps away from the sky train which as you know takes us anywhere we want to go. Only a few blocks from the Sea Wall- which is perfect for all the biking we do!

  6. I can’t say I live downtown, but I do live 20 minutes from it via skytrain or car 🙂 I too live within 1 block of the school I plan on sending Marcus to one day. I am a 7 minute walk to the skytrain and within 20 minute walk to my bank, dentist, and major grocery store and shopping centre. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I think of how it’d be to live in a detached home with a yard and all the trimmings, but I think I can do without. We are surrounded by lush greenery and I still feel super connected and accessible to the downtown core 🙂 For me, this is the perfect fit 🙂

  7. I am a MITC in Perth, Australia and first came across your blog when my husband and I were deciding if we could survive with a baby in our two bedroom apartment.

  8. I often think about this because we did live in your ‘hood, but left when I was pregnant. We are more rural now. I don’t think we would do in between. It would either be back where you are or stay where we are. There is so much to love about how livable downtown Van is. Yet, right now, I have the greatest big backyard that gives us such a different experience than the city. You morning stroll and shop sounds perfect! ; )

  9. Hey fellow MITC!! I love it too…sometimes I get a few surprised people who don’t think it is possible to raise a family in the city. I always think these are the same people who only come downtown to shop Robson St or go to the main attractions. Once we had kids we all of a sudden saw all the green spaces and the playgrounds and really got into city living.

  10. You are saying it is the livability that makes it awesome for you, and I totally agree with you. The access to 101 things within 10 minutes is a huge lure for our family. Plus I can walk to and from work which is pretty awesome too.

  11. Yahoo for a MITC from Perth!! Love it!!

  12. There are definite pros to having a backyard and a large space that is your own…I can get behind that. For me, city living started because I started working downtown and wanted to be close by. Then I just fell in love with the whole thing and still wanted to be close to work!

  13. I think this is why I love living in a co-op with its own playground and our roof gardens. It’s like a compact little village in the city. I feel like we get a lot of the advantages of a yard, without the upkeep. And with a herd of kids for my son to play with, which was definitely the case where I grew up in the country.

  14. I think because I grew up as a ‘child in the city’, I cannot imagine being anything other than a MITC. I agree with what everyone has spoken about and love living in the city with so much available to us on any given day. Having a child has really opened my eyes to all of the family friendly things that are available to us in Vancouver especially the awesome playgrounds and parks that are all over the place. We live in a condo in East Van and there are moments that I would love to have a little more space for my daughter to run around inside and out. But then I look outside across the street and we have a park right there and I look around our condo and we don’t have a lot of extra ‘stuff’ because we don’t need it or have room for it, and that is a very good feeling. Really enjoy your blog!

  15. I grew up in a very very very small town, my mom never knew where we were she just knew we were safe somewhere either playing with mud pies in a field or having dinner at one of our neighbours. I loved growing up this way and I miss it. I love the city and I love all the conveniences of it, and Vancouver takes my breath away with beauty sometimes. But… I picture raising Luca in a place where our friends live across the street, I can park my car in the driveway, and I hang Christmas lights on my own trees.

  16. We just moved from the densely packed West End to the North Shore, it’s still technically ‘city’ but feels so much smaller, I miss the daily outings walking around Stanley Park or the Seawall or walking to one of the dozen coffeeshops in a 6 block radius! There was always something to do, and as a SAHM, you don’t feel nearly as isolated when you’re in a bustling city with so much variety at your fingertips.

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