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Apartment Neighbours

November 6, 2013 // Apartment Living

There has always been the talk about how Vancouverites are down right unfriendly. Apparently people don’t talk to other people and no one’s asking how your day was. The sugar and spice vibe is gone resulting in a lack of friends with apartment neighbours, despite only being separated by a wall. I’ve always had the opposite experiences with my own apartment neighbours and have made friends with every apartment I have lived in. Sure, it is usually a pretty casual friendship but I’ve been given keys and watered plants of some of my previous apartment neighbours.

My husband is a much more friendlier neighbour than me and always finds out peoples names, especially if they have a dog. Well now, hat’s Colleen and Colin and their dog Rocket! Across the way is Sandra and Bernard and their dogs Spot and Hercules!’. Recently we’ve been having our neighbour’s dog Spot over for some playful fun. Our old dog Maggie is more at a great grandmother speed and Ben was really wanting to play with an active dog, so we invited Spot over to play.

Spot, ‘the neighbour dog’, has come over about 5 times in the last 2 weeks and there’s always a lot of excitement in our apartment with each visit. Spot even has his own toy when he comes to play and when he walks outside our front door he gives a little woof to say hello. Being in an apartment doesn’t have to be isolating and having the ability to connect with neighbours can be really awesome. Plus, Spot is such a welcomed guest to have over!

A house or an apartment or something in between… are you friendly with your neighbours?



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