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Family Traditions & Christmas Wish Lists

November 26, 2013 // Parenting, Uncategorized

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Each year my family has this thing where we all write a Christmas wish list and submit it to the family. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or you have a bunch of kids, you still sit down and write a special Christmas list that gets handed out to all my family members. I sometimes think that because we have a small family, no aunties or uncles for me, that this is one of the driving factors behind the continuing of this tradition.

I know other families, with adult siblings, who draw names and buy one present and I know others who don’t do any present exchanges. This is not my family, we buy something for everyone. While it’s not necessarily an elaborate gift, sisters give to each sister, everyone gives to my mum and dad, the brother in laws are remembered, and all little cousins get taken care of.

Every year there are a few of the same things on my wish list, bath products are a huge must in my life and  so I  love getting a huge stash of them at Christmas. This year I have a few extra items on my wish list and only recently wrote out my special list and sent it to my family. If you don’t submit your wish list in a timely manner you start getting text messages and email reminders to get on it. I sort of love that.

This year my wish list looks like this:

  • A modern sugar bowl (mine dropped and broke and my back up is all chipped!)
  • Red Rose parfume from Jo Malone (love!)
  • A coffee mug I can keep at work. Something fun and different. Maybe personalized so no one steals it!
  • Bath bombs, milk bath, bubble bath (this is my annual staple)
  • An oval crockpot with a timer (because of ALL your fab recommendations on my Facebook page, thank you!)
  • Short socks for my Hunter boots.

I absolutely love buying Christmas pressies for my family! Even though I end up with all of the Christmas lists, I often seek out special gifts that might not be listed and use their list for inspiration and ideas. Sometimes it’s the process of things that is the important part; for me receiving all of the wish lists is a part of the start of the Christmas season.




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  1. This is a good idea no one in my family ever knows what they want lol. We also don’t want to ask each other for over the top expensive gifts but your list makes sense. Hmmm might have to try this one this year

    • Back when all the ‘kids’ were university students, we totally depended on the Christmas list to help us get a few essential items. Silly stuff like, towels and small appliances (think toaster). Now that we all have careers the lists have changed and include a lot more self indulgent stuff, which is way more fun to shop for!

  2. One of my favorite things is sourcing out tiny, perfect (or quirky) gifts for family and cousins, which is where craft fairs and Main streeting are perfect. I found “TOFU” socks on Fraser at Nice Shoes – perfect for my cousin (and only $12!)

  3. Christmas has always been a family celebration in the Grinkmeyer home, but as our children grew older we found that their interest in Christmas morning waned and the sparkle in their eyes was gone. The day after Thanksgiving, 1992, we introduced the Christmas Web in our home with the placement of Magic Wands into their socks that had for years been hung at the fireplace mantel. Attached to each Magic Wand was a piece of yarn (a 70 yard piece of yarn). When our two teen-aged children came down Christmas morning, they found that the yarn was wound through the house – around window latches, door knobs, chairs and doors. It ended in a closet or cabinet which held their special Christmas gift from one of Santa’s elves, an elf who had been looking out for them for the past year and knew of their desire for this special Christmas gift.
    The Christmas Web continued as each of our children got married and as they had children. Each of our grandchildren have an Elf on the Shelf or Elf Magic elf who is now the elf that hides their special Christmas gift each year and leads them to it with their individual Magic Wand. We now have seven Magic Wands each with 70 yards of yarn winding through our house every Christmas morning, making getting a cup of coffee an acrobatic achievement before the winding hunt begins.
    The Christmas Web has become a highly anticipated family tradition for our children, grandchildren and us. We hope it brings as much joy to your family as it has to ours.

  4. Since my family and my boyfriend’s family all live in the same city and we’re all very close, we do presents AND stockings for everyone, which is about 20 people now. I wanted to do something a little bit less for stockings, but I was outnumbered. This year it is ok because I’ve been working and we have money, but it was really hard when we were in school. Those years we made presents which usually worked out pretty well.

    I’m so close to being done my shopping and it’s been great to be able to do it in a relaxed way. The stores were quiet, and there was lots of stock. Once December hits, I can concentrate on wrapping presents, decorating, and baking cookies.

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