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Look What I Can Do

November 15, 2013 // Parenting

We’re really really enjoying Josie’s age right now. At nearly 2 years old she is like the Betty White of toddlerhood and is hilarious, funny and likes to make you laugh. For me, one of the greatest parts of motherhood is watching my children’s personalities emerge and define and this girl is no exception. I have two children with totally different personalities and I love that.

Today in the quiet of the late morning she sat at the table playing with some play dough and just having a good time. I was busy bustling around making beds and wiping yogurt off the floor, again, when my husband snapped these shots. With Ben off at kindergarten Josie gets a chance to play on her own and she is just starting to get the concept of entertaining herself. For the longest time she always had her brother to lead her around.

‘Mama look! Dada look!’ (repeat times one hundred)

Just lately she has hit this stage where she does the classic ‘look what I can do!’ and she genuinely feels so much excitement. I will admit that today I used a bit of sarcasm on her, ‘WOW!! Look at that!!! You’re amazing!!’. The smile I got in return was so worth the fact that I used sarcasm on a toddler. All day long she wants to have us watch her do something. Put a bowl on her head, a Cheerio in her bellybutton, a whoopee cushion on the couch. It is a constant conversation of, ‘Mama! Look!’. She even stops by her sweet old dad’s office to show him what she can do. He’s always busy working but graciously stops and looks at what she can do. Wear a funny shirt, put her brother’s underwear on her head, shake her baby booty.

This clever girl thinks she is the first one to come up with the idea of pushing pencils and objects into play dough

We know that moments like these ones are short and go by quickly. Everyone ahead of us has already warned us about that and we listened. We know that one day she will tell us to STOP looking at her and to leave her alone. So, we choose to just embrace each one of her sweet shouts for us to look at what she can do. At the same time I try to press the record button in my brain and capture all her cute toddler antics… because seriously, so cute.

Josie at 22 months old. Look what she can do!



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  1. Wow, she’s grown up so much! What a cutie!

  2. She is such a sweetie,miss her ,memere

  3. That’s really true, Andrea, and a good reminder to enjoy the precious moments we have with our babes.

  4. Time really does fly. I still remember when u gave birth to her as I was working that night. Josie is the cutest

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