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We Love Lucy

December 22, 2013 // Parenting

Last weekend our new dog came home. She is fitting in quite nicely and adjusted to using the elevator and being able to see so much outside from our floor to ceiling condo windows. Lucy is about 9 months old and the story we know is that she was bought at a pet shop by a family but when the pup came home one of the family members was lesser than impressed. Sweet little Lucy lived and slept outside 24/7 until she was given away by the family to a rescue.

This is where we come in.

A couple of weeks ago we went and met some foster dogs to see if any of them would fit in with our family. Lucy was the first dog that we went to see and was living with a foster family and their dog. She was super hyper during our first meeting and she jumped all over us and tried to eat the kids shoes, but you could see her sweetness. Lucy just wanted to be loved and she was eager to love you back.


It is funny going from a super elderly dog like Maggie to a young ‘teenage’ dog like Lucy. The energy levels are not even comparable and the need for exercise and walks is totally present. We are really loving having a younger dog with us and the kids are head over heels for Lucy. Josie loves to tuck Lucy in like a dolly and sings ‘Head and Shoulders’ to her, squishing her nose at the ‘eyes, ears, mouth and NOSE’ part. Lucy sits and takes it all and tries to lick up any crumbs that Josie has left behind. They totally have a special connection.


Once in awhile Ben will tell us how much he misses Maggie and today I over heard him today telling Lucy that he hopes she never dies. He has been enjoying Lucy’s energy and randomly wants to wrestle and play tug of war with her. Which just makes Josie want to wrestle and tackle Ben, as captured in the photo below. Given the way that Lucy lived her last 9 months, she does have some areas that need work. She is not fully housetrained because she was used to just being outside in the backyard and only went indoors a couple of weeks ago with her foster family. She can be a bit anxious and prefers to be right next to you or in the same room as you.

Lucy truly doesn’t have very good manners yet but this girl really wants to try. She also wants to meet every single dog at the park and I  feel like we have rocked her world living with so many dogs around us. People downtown seem to have dogs or kids or both. This is our second dog that we have adopted since we have been married, which is nearly 8 years. My husband is the person who introduced me to the idea of adopting dogs and not buying dogs and it all made sense when I thought about it. I’m so happy we have another sweet girl to enjoy as our family pet. We love Lucy.






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  1. What a sweetie! I’m glad she’s fitting in perfectly and your kids adore her. I think it’s great for kids to grow up with pets and learn how to treat and take care of animals.

  2. i love the pic of the siblings horsing around in the 2nd last photo!

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