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I Got 5 On It

January 5, 2014 // Vancouver

Last month I indulged in many dinner outs and I now have a good 5 pounds of  ‘water weight’ hanging on to my booty and my middle. The meals were all so delicious that I am going to allow that 5 pounds to exist, but only for a short while longer because I truly love it when my pants fit properly. During December I ate out at 5 lovely restaurants all local to me; a huge perk of living downtown is that it’s no big deal to bump around to various fun eateries.

i got 5 on it
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  1.  Chambar – this is probably my favourite spot for an always amazing dinner. I love ordering the mussels and frites and pretty much anything and everything on the menu.
  2. The Flying Pig (in Yaletown)- on the evening  that I dined there it was a very happening and busy night, which sort of helped create a fun atmosphere for dining and people watching. Also, there is seriously pork in everything which, in my books, is an amazing thing.
  3. Gotham Steak House– classic steak house that has inspired me to make cauliflower au gratin at home for my family.
  4. Provence– I actually dined here twice in the month of December and both times it was for brunch. This place doesn’t change their menu much at all, but the dishes are classic and the croissants are perfect.
  5. Yew at the Four Seasons- okay this spot has one of the most delicious desserts I’ve tasted in a long while. The chocolate croissant pudding was something I was so sad to share with my husband. It also came with a fun tube of butterscotch sauce for you to add to your dessert.

While I really do find it to be a lot of fun to indulge and dine out, eating multiple courses and drinking cocktails, I’m ready for a January that is filled with eating some big salads and sipping a diet coke. So, if you want to hang out with me this month please invite me out for a ginormous bowl of greens.



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