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Princess Cinnamon Toast III

January 16, 2014 // Vancouver

Growing up my family always had cats as our family pet and mostly we had 2 cats at a time. We adopted kittens, took in a friends cat and had cats up into their senior years. We had Sooty & Moggy, Harry, Boots, Pumpkin, Tippy, Spice and Parnell (my childhood friend’s cat that became our family cat).

It’s no surprise that as an adult we also chose to  find out furry family members through rescues or the SPCA. Last night we got Lucy’s official papers and we had a hilarious time going through them and looking things up on Google.  She was born in Missouri via a breeder and her parents were considered pure bred cocker spaniels and registered with the American Kennel Club . Lucy was sold from that breeder to a local mall pet shop where she hung out for a couple of months before eventually being bought by a local family for around $1,500.00 plus change.

After a couple of months at Lucy’s first home the family made the decision that she needed to go to a rescue. She had been living outside 24/7 and they weren’t up for taking care of her like she needed. Which is where we come in! Lucy was being rescued by Vancouver’s Pennies For Dogs, then she went to her foster family and eventually to us. We get a lot of people coming up to us to tell us how gorgeous she is and how her colourings are just so.  Had she lived the life of a show dog she would have had her family show name and been known as, Princess Cinnamon Toast III (for real).







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  1. Amazing.. Her name fits her silly little self!

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