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The Doctors Are In

January 7, 2014 // Birth & Breastfeeding

Josie has this thing for doctors. It all started back in October when we were in the hospital for 4 days for croup and she ended up loving all of her doctors and nurses. This means that she now frequently asks to go and see the doctor and if she has a little ‘owie’ she will tell me too call ‘the doctor’.  When we were in Children’s hospital the senior resident couldn’t get over how relaxed Josie was with his head to toe assessment, so he called in a troop of medical students to practice a few of their own assessment skills.

‘Mama, owie! Call doctor! Go hospital!’

At Christmas Josie opened up her own doctors kit and her brothers excitement was equally on par with her own enthusiasm. Who knew that a little plastic doctors kit would be such a big hit. I have spent a lot of time being thoroughly assessed by these two interns and I have had everything from a broken finger, a head transplant to having a baby.




I love engaging with my kids during playtime and especially when it just happens naturally like it did on Christmas morning. In general my kids love to ask me gross questions about their bodies and they love to giggle about why they make boogers and pass gas. Playing around with the doctors kit led to more funny questions about how bodies work and I totally loved the conversation. I was actually sort of surprised that Ben knew as much as he did when it came to how babies are born.

My kids only know me as a nurse and more specifically, a nurse that ‘helps babies come out’. When I was wee girl I got a glimpse of what nurses did when I was hospitalized for breathing issues. It was then that I discovered what nurses actually did and it intrigued me. I loved my nurses so much that it sparked my own interest into a career in nursing, a career I’ve been at for over a decade. During the middle of doing my degree I  started to question if being a RN was really what I wanted and almost changed career paths, but I am glad I stuck it out and as of now feels great that my work is as meaningful and interesting as it is.






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