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The Elephant In The Room: The White Couch

January 27, 2014 // Parenting

Back before we had kids we lived in a posh condo and all of our furniture was bought as a couple. We were newlyweds and we enjoyed having a double income with no kids. After we got married we moved into a new condo and we sold all of our individual furniture from our single days.

It was such a fun time in our lives; going out and being together, walking the streets and looking at interior decor shops. We were building our home as a couple and it felt carefree and fun. Years later and we still use most of the pieces that we bought back then. However, some of the purchases were made before ‘certain people’ walked around with peanut butter on their hands and blueberry yogurt on their mouths.  Those pieces of furniture are highly regretted and create stress.

A couple of the pieces of furniture we picked out moved nicely from us being a single couple to a full on family of 4, what didn’t work was sold on Craigslist. We bought awhite micro fibre sofa bed  to fill our guest room and it is one of the purchases we have to date. When we bought the white couch (from here on out to be known as WC) we were thinking about how we could host people who came to visit. It went into our second bedroom and was infrequently used and rarely sat on.

Then we had our fussy baby Ben and my husband spent a good portion of the first few months sleeping on it while I bed shared with the baby. We eventually moved apartments and the WC went from being in a guest room to being out in the living room and being used every single day. At first I didn’t really notice the fact that there was always kid dirt on the WC. It was easy to clean up with a wet cloth and not such a big deal to take care of. Guests would ooh and ahh that we had a WC in a home with young children. I always told them that it seemed like no big deal and was easy to keep clean.

It has been at least three solid years since we reached the lifespan of our WC sofa bed. I don’t think the WC can handle much more dirt and I think that something needs to be done. The WC is something I have grown to hate and every little stain makes me increase my level of hate towards it. My husband and I even had a passionate debate about going on a family vacation versus buying a new couch and we never reached a mutual decision. Instead, we just keep living with the WC and it is used and abused and has given us more use than what it was worth back in 2007.






You see, my dream would be to donate the WC and buy a lovely darkish sectional to replace it. Changing things up by also swapping out the lovely long brown leather couch that fills our living room as well. The problem is, my husband and I see things differently on the this matter. He thinks it’s not wise to make any big furniture purchases while the kids are so little, knowing that a brand new couch may also fall victim to being a napkin for some peanut butter or yogurt. His thoughts are, why spend money on something new that will just get ruined. I hate it because he a little bit right, but I still really want a new couch.

It drives me nuts that the WC is basically used as a napkin by the youngest family members and that it sits in the middle of our main living space with its various stains. It is the elephant in the room and we just keep pretending that it’s okay and that it works in our home. When visitors come over I try to hide the evidence of  its life by draping a fluffy throw over it or piling pillows on top. I think that sooner than later the WC might be known as ‘the grey couch’ or the ‘splotchy marble looking couch’.

We haven’t yet reached a mutual decision but I’m leaning towards wanting a vacation and a new couch. Bottom line, if you plan to have kids in your life forgo buying a white couch. 



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  1. I have a WC! What fun! We have a large home so we keep in the formal living area where only my husband and I hang out once baby is in bed. I can imagine when kids grow that the WC will no longer be the beautiful piece of furniture it was once. But if you are contemplating a family holiday or another couch, I vote for family holiday. Those family holiday memories will last forever a couch will come and go.

    • I’m thinking it is time to sit down and book our trip to Hawaii. Heck, I even worked an extra bunch to put towards a WC or a family trip. At least while we are on a holiday I can stop staring at the WC for a little while 😉

  2. I’m so happy we have a light orange/brown sectional. What’s not so hot for us is our futon we got so people could crash on it. Despite being a smooth imitation leather, our cats love to poke at it. It now looks like it was assaulted with the tiniest shotgun you’ve ever seen.

    • I’m thinking a grey coloured sectional might be something I’d be interested. Curious to know what the best kind of colour/fabric/etc would be to hold up with the wear and tear from 2 kids and a dog.

  3. We have a light brown microfibre couch that we paid extra to get the “indestructible kid-proof” fabric on when I was pregnant. Yeah, not so much. Between the kid and the cats, the couch has not held up well. I feel your pain, but I understand your husbands point of view too (sorry). Honestly, I say take the vacation – I think that many years down the road, when the kids are all grown up, you won’t regret forgoing a new couch for some family memories. 😉

  4. Question answered!
    I read a blog post from a woman with four young boys who has a WC. She has an IKEA sectional with slip covers and washes the covers every week. YIKES. I do not have the time nor the patience for that kind of upkeep.
    Thanks for the honest WC review.

    • Thanks for asking me the question Rachel! Your question arrived at the same time I was pulling my hair out cleaning up another WC mess. We wash the cushion covers frequently so now they are whiter than the rest of the couch. Blah!

  5. We have no kids and two white couches. We are, however, pretty messy. This is less of a problem because the couches were free. And I love the couch (which is an antique) and figured that I could always reupholster it. I’ll probably have to. Since it was free, I don’t stress about getting it messy. White really is awful though.

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