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Mushybooks Baby Book Review & Giveaway

February 17, 2014 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways
***This contest is now closed***
I’d love for you to meet Lesley, a self professed Mama in the Burbs  and creator of the Canadian baby book company Mushybooks. Before babies, Lesley used her degree in business and her creative artsy side designing promotional material for community Recreation. After her babies started to arrive (3 in 3 years!!!), minivans and daily dinner battles changed things up and Lesley focused on her brood at home. Over time Lesley realized just how much she missed having a creative outlet and eventually found her passion designing stylish and modern baby books.
For over a year before releasing her collection, Lesley delved into the world of designing the modern day baby book and believes that ‘awesome babies need awesome baby books’, and I couldn’t agree with her more. When Lesley asked if I would be interested in doing a review of her books I.did.not.hesitate. I have a huge love of paper things and also of recording special memories and moments from my babies first few years.

Both of my kids have baby books and both of them are dreadfully cheesy and I remember being dissatisfied with the selection that was available to me at the time.

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“I’ve always hated the baby books that I had and so I decided to try my hand at designing something better.  I worked on them for a year and didn’t really tell anyone… was sort of a secret life.  It has been the scariest thing I have ever done.” – Lesley, owner & designer of Mushybooks

I chose to take a peek at the Wild Child theme and instantly fell in love with the thick pages, lush white cover and clean lines. I really appreciated discovering the envelope neatly attached to the back of the 12 month keepsake. It’s a perfect spot for tucking away hospital baby bracelets or other special mementos that you don’t want to lose track of.

I really loved the categories that Lesley included in her baby books, especially the spot to write your birth story and one for a special letter to your baby. The book records milestones up to 12 months but is bound with a screw style that lets you add pages if you wish. I’m so impressed with this book and I think you will be too.




Mushybooks is giving one lucky reader a fabulous baby book of their choice. This contest is open to Canada and the US, the winner will be drawn on Feb. 24th and has 48 hours to respond. Enter below and good luck! You are going to love this baby book!

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  1. Nice to see a baby book with a modern design. I have been looking for ages!

  2. I was the third baby so I do have a baby book but it’s not nearly as full as my oldest brothers. Being a mom now – I totally understand!

  3. I have my baby book and even though my parents didn’t fill it all out I still like looking at it.

  4. Yes my parents have one for me, its awesome to pull out once and a while and have a look. I love seeing the list of all their (very 80’s) name ideas and my dad’s meticulous list of timing contractions.

  5. My mom kept one, and we look back to see the similarities with my son.

  6. My parents kept one of me but didn’t fill in much for my younger sisters’ baby book. This would be a perfect gift for my sister – she can have it for her baby.

  7. My mom kept a baby book for me, and I really cherish all the special memories she captured. I have done baby books for all of my children and struggled to find the least cheesy book for each one.

  8. My mom kept a baby book for me which reminds me I should pull it out and look through it again. With my first baby due in less than a week, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a non-cheesy baby book and was convinced none existed! Until I read this post! This would be perfect and exactly what I’m looking for! Fingers crossed xx. 🙂

  9. Yes! My mom was very diligent about filling up everything in my baby book. There are pictures, notes, milestones, hospital bracelets, baby hair, and even cards from friends and family 🙂

  10. Heather Von St. James February 19, 2014 at 11:18 am Reply

    Hi Andrea! I sent you an email but it isn’t going through for some reason! I was just hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! If you could email me whenever you get a free moment I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  11. My parents didn’t keep a baby book for me, but they tape recorded me singing/talking as a kid.

  12. My parents have a baby book for me, but it only has about two pages filled out…. haha. I wasn’t so great with my kids either. Your books, however, look awesome! I would love to gift one to one of my friends or clients!!! 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  13. I was the fourth and my mom still did a pretty good job of keeping it up to date. For Christmas a couple years back, she added more stories and pictures to make it complete.

  14. My mom had a baby book for me but didn’t fill it out much. Then, one of my younger siblings got a hold of it and scribbled in it! Love the style of these modern books!

  15. So beautiful and so unique! Wish I had these when my boys were young! I may need to redo theirs!

  16. Beautiful books! I am a middle child so I have a half done book :).

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