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Vancouver V-Day Love

February 6, 2014 // Vancouver

My personal history with Valentine’s Day includes meeting my husband for a first date many many years ago. We had met on line back in the day before it was socially acceptable to admit to people. This was early 2000’s and people did not talk about on line match making and it was sort of taboo.

We connected pretty quickly on a local entrainment site that had an on line message board. He was new to the neighbourhood and I wasn’t really looking. Our first date was a coffee shop meet up where we laughed (a lot) and he seemed very normal. Then we met for a bite to eat and a few days later he cooked me an amazing dinner and it was that date when I became totally hooked. He could cook, oh could he cook and the love keeps on flowing

After we had a baby I told him I didn’t need any fuss for Valentine’s Day and that it was over rated and we should just ignore it all together. Huzzah! For the last couple of years I’ve always bought chocolate the following day and everything was great. This year I told my husband that it’s back on. I don’t need Valentine’s Day to feel special, happy, loved (blah blah blah)…but I do love a good excuse to be a bit more amorous with your mate. So, for right now it is fully back on. 

If you’re a local Vancouverite you might get excited by the offerings that The Pie Hole has got going on this year. Wow your sweetie with a heart shaped box filled with pie. Seriously, this is such an ingenious idea and a great reason to eat pie. Limited quantities available so check it out. These pies are on fire!



If you’ve ever felt even a little bit annoyed with how a Valentine’s Day went in the past, than seriously consider taking charge this year.  and book in with downtown’s 4 Angels Beauty Care.  I just had my brows threaded there and they are perfect. I’m eyeing that jewelry sale going on too, Jenny from the blog ‘Ruminating Mommy‘ shows you the fancy jewels she just picked up.


Sweet Bake Shop has teamed up with Confetti & Co and came up with a very fun Valentine’s gift. Frill balloons and cookies…I seriously love that combo. My kids would adore the fab frill balloons and I would love the cookies (in secret, after they went to bed). Tessa has done some baking for  our family birthdays in the past and I’ve always enjoyed every bite.


Hope you feel the love Vancouver!




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  1. I LOVE that pie idea! So super cute!! Great find.

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