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MITC Love List: Hawaiian Version

March 17, 2014 // Parenting, Uncategorized

Realistically speaking, it’s going to be about 2 weeks before the relaxation of having been in Hawaii will really kick in. What is it with traveling that makes you so tired? I swear it takes me just as long to unpack and settle back as we actually went away for.

While the laundry piles are extravagant and the children keep on requesting Lava Flows,let me take a minute to feel the love.

1. A few trips ago I discovered the local Hawaiian product line Malie and I love it all.  I am a big fan of their coconut vanilla room spray and body roll on. The first time I found this product we were in Kauai and I generously spritz the room spray all over my body before the store clerk came up to tell me it wasn’t body spray.  Apparently the organic ingredients meant my skin wouldn’t sizzle and the store clerk advised me that my faux pas was okay. This visit I felt extra splurgy on myself and bought the plumeria and the coconut vanilla perfume roll on along with the plumeria room spray.


I love Malie! 


2. One of my favourite picture from this visit was sipping Lava Flows with Josie on a patio just before the sunset in Kaanapali. My kids are now professionals at ordering fancy restaurant drinks and always ensured that an umbrella would be coming with their beverage. I guess they follow in my footsteps.




3. I officially gained 6 pounds in 10 days while dining on pulled pork and all the blended drinks one can think of. There was lots of salt and delicious snacks and we said yes to treats more than we said no. On the second to last day we broke our rule of not ordering pool side and splurged on a few over priced drinks. $22 for a Mai Tai…what??!

4. In the middle of our stay I bought Ben a really really really big inflatable pool turtle. It is literally the size of the roof of a 4 door car and I didn’t think how it would make it back to Canada, even all folded up. Luckily Ben has a dad that appreciates over sized pool inflatables and he took on the job of folding the turtle up. Now the turtle has secured his spot in our apartment for use at our pool. Oh the memories.

5. On our last night my husband and I booked a wonderful nanny from a local agency and went to the Four Seasons in Wailea for a dinner date.  This was all his doing and was a really nice surprise. We sipped cool blueberry martinis and watched the whales swimming in the ocean from our table. We had been busy with the kids while we were away and it was nice to take  in one last sunset as a couple. It was a pretty awesome date and made up for the epic illness that befuddled our plans this past Valentine’s Day too.


Also, we were sort of surprised but impressed when Ben volunteered to go up on a stage at a luau and participate in  a dance. My husband said this was not something he did as a boy and I wouldn’t say I was that little girl who was eager to go out of my comfort zone too much. This is all Ben and we love seeing this in his personality!




Anyways, as soon as the giant laundry pile clears up and the suitcases are stashed back in the storage locker, I’m sure I will stare back at all of our photos and feel that relaxed feeling that I know is there. In the meantime I’m spritzing Plumeria room spray wherever I go.



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  1. Loving your love list and that girl of yours is truly too adorable for words!!

  2. Oh man look at your boy. That sweet face he’s making is precious. Total concentration but at the same time total bliss. Great capture of childhood!!

  3. Hi!

    I just started following you – I’m also a mom trying to make it work in 800 sq ft in Vancouver. We are headed to Kaanapali, Hawaii in 3 weeks and was wondering if you could let me know what agency you used for your night out.


    • Hi Ashleigh,
      We used The Nanny Connection and had nanny Kristen. She was a Kindergarten teacher and has 2 of her own kids, who happened to be the same ages as my 2 kids. She was lovely and the kids really enjoyed her and the huge bag of fun toys and games she brought. Ben was already asking about seeing her again when we go back next year 😉

  4. Hey! Love your blog. I actually just recently tried Malie line and I love it too. Especially the plumeria which brings me back to being in Hawaii with each spritz.

  5. We hope to take the boys to Hawaii at the end of the year… makes me want to go now!

    • You are going to love love love it!! As my kids get older they fall in love with Hawaii a bit more each time. Many fun family things to do too, which is what I also really enjoy.

  6. Oh I hope my lo has that kind of courage and adventure! What a sweetie!

  7. Love seeing all of your adventures!! Remind my sweet brother that he DID SO volunteer to go on stage!! He was very used to being in the spotlight, so to speak, being the youngest of 6!! Love you all & miss you tons!

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