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Terrible Twos: We Got ‘Em

March 26, 2014 // Parenting

Oh my sweet sweet Josephine. She was my fastest birth, my easiest baby and she is my most challenging toddler out of my two. For all of the ease that she gave me during her baby years, she gives me equal mischief during her toddler years. The only constants between her babyhood and her toddlerhood is her love of eating and her ability to be a somewhat of a decent sleeper.

Josie turned 2 this past January and the girl can chat your ear off. She is very verbal and expresses her emotions, her opinions and is a keen observer. She  wants to keep up with her big brother and cries when I make her sit in her stroller instead of walking alongside with us. She will cry and whine to get her way, especially with me. She throws the classic tantrum if she doesn’t get her way and if she’s hungry or tired and sometimes just because. She has opinions on what she wears and likes to match me and carry a purse of a bag with her when she goes outside.

Whenever I ask her nanny how their day together went, the reply usually involves something about Josie being very social and getting people to notice her. She can shake her tooshie to the beat of a song and often requests Gangnam Style as her #1 song choice.  If the song doesn’t start fast enough she has been known to cue the waterworks.

josie-laughing-005 josie-laughing-004 josie-laughing-003

When Josie was an infant I felt at ease with her and easily slipped into the role of being her mother. It was a joy to parent baby Josie and my overall attitude was relaxed. I didn’t stress too much about how I was doing things and I felt confident with my parenting skills. Now that we have entered the second year, I notice myself sweating a little bit more. I’m a little more cautious now with how I choose our outings and our activities and I very rarely push her nap time.

Josie is super sweet and she also causes me to pause more along the way, I like to think of this as opportunities to learn how to better parent her and I like that there is no one set  of rules in parenting. We get to take things into consideration, like personality and temperament, while we think figure out how to best raise our children. So, I get to take my sweet baby Jo and learn how to deal with the challenges of having a kid that’s having an adventurous toddlerhood.


Do you have any good tips/tricks/stories about raising a toddler that just might qualify for the ‘terrible twos’? 



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  1. So far we are good over here. The only ultra annoying thing is when Max goes back and forth ie. up ..down…up…down, usually involves something thrown. But if he’s crying, I let him cry as he follows me…and then I check in on him and say “love you, give me a kiss/hug.” Some days it is right away that he snaps out of it, other days it takes a few. I remember somewhere that there’s no reasoning with a hysterical kid, so much easier when they’re snapped out of it and talked to under a context of calm, support, love. It isn’t always easy esp. when you’re about to blow your top too

    • I think part of the issue is Josie wanting to keep up with the tricks her cool big brother does! Plus the divided attention they get. However, if I survived a fussy high needs baby..I know I can rock the ‘Terrible Twos’.

  2. The BEST thing about toddlers is eventually their worst traits disappear almost overnight and you wonder why you stressed at all. Sure they move onto something equally stressful but if you stay cool, remember that they tend to freak out because they want food, a clean butt, sleep or just some Mama attention, you’ll survive to see her out the door to school. And then immediately weep at how old she got overnight. 🙂

    • I’m already weeping!! We play a little game of, ‘are you my baby or my big girl?’ and she loves it. I know the split attention from me is part of the reason she is extra vocal and the fact that her cool 5.5 y.o bro does many more tricks 😉

  3. My only advice would be to remember this is a phase and it will pass. 🙂 I don’t really remember either of my girls being more difficult during the “terrible twos”. I think in part this is just a time of lots of learning for them, and trying to do things that they can’t yet do… so it’s a hard age. Lots of understanding and planning ahead will probably help! Good luck! (I’ve got a year before my youngest gets there… 🙂

    • I survived my fussy high needs first baby…and that felt endless and kind of scary!!…so I am totally going to try and remind myself that it’s all just a phase!

  4. It’s such a challenging (and yet fun!) age. I just tried to stay positive and have a sense of humour about it. It does get easier eventually as they get older.

    • It really is a sweet fun age with lots of fun milestones and watching their character come out even more. I need to remember that amidst her ear piercing shrieks 😉

  5. She looks so adorable! My little girl just turned 3 years old and also does everything to keep up with her brother. She WILL NOT sit on a stroller because according to her she is not a baby anymore. LOL They grow up soooo fast!

  6. Ah the chatters! Our oldest hit her “terrible twos” at about 18 months and didn’t really outgrow it until 4 or so. It was a loooooong time! Now that she’s an older sister, she seems to have mellowed out more. Just in time for little sister to pick it up!

  7. Also I love your site design! Is it a standard theme or did you (or someone) design in?

  8. I like your idea about thinking carefully about where you go and not pushing naps. With my twins I was pretty particular about what we would and wouldn’t do. I didn’t want to put them in situations that were too much for them. I realize that other people might take completely different approaches. But this worked for me.

    One tip. If you want to go out to eat with family and friends, I recommend dim sum. The restaurants are loud so you won’t stand out and the tables are large. Lots of space to spread out colouring. The restaurants also stock high chairs. Dynasty on Broadway is a favourite. Red Star on South Granville is even louder and there’s also Victoria Garden downtown.

    • This is a great suggestion Pamela! Thanks for sharing it. if everything is aligned, I like going out for meals with my kids. If one variable is questionable there is definitely less enjoyment on my part!

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