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Summer Loving: Vancouver Style

August 11, 2014 // Vancouver

I love living in Vancouver and I especially love it during our summer months. The sweet warm summer days we get to enjoy make up for those 8 months of rain that bestow Vancouver the rest of the year. We live through the constant rain and associated attire so that when June, July and August come our way we are rewarded with beach time, mountain hikes, seawall bike riding and more.

People always ask me, ‘are you guys going on any holidays this summer?‘ and I always respond, ‘nope…this is the place to be in the summer!‘. In fact, each summer Vancouver floods with tourists trying to catch a piece of the awesomeness of this city. Cruisers dock and check out the downtown, people from all over the world book up the hotel rooms and try to join in on the fun. Sometimes our routine quiet little spots are over filled with extra people, and while that is not always great, we totally understand why people come on their holidays to check out our city!

We live right downtown and truly we haven’t had a boring day since school was out for Ben in June. Every day that we can we get up to something and have so many fun things  to choose from. On our laziest hottest days we trek a few blocks down to the beach for some digging and swimming and making sand castles. Sunset Beach, English Bay, Second Beach…we love them all. We love the pool at Second Beach and it is great for little children and parents alike.

Flying a kite at English Bay on a hot summers day.

Flying a kite at English Bay on a hot summers day.

If we need to escape the sun we head around the corner to Science World and spend hours going through the kid friendly exhibits there. We have an annual pass and the kids are at great ages (5 and 2) to make use of all of the different types of fun on each level. Favourites include the hands on science at the Eureka! exhibit. The kids love doing the light and sound experiments on their own and the 2 year old loved anything to do with water.

Many days this summer we’ve taken the water taxi across False Creek and headed to Granville Island. This is a family favourite and I love the idea that as my kids will grow and Granville Island will be a big part of their memories. Sometimes we go cheap and just play at the water park or the playground behind the Kids Market. We run in the green space and we always play in the pretend boat and feed the birds! Our favourite stop include buying donuts from Lee’s Donuts right in the public market and I often get a delicious coffee at the JJ Bean right next to there too.


Just hanging around. Climbing the old equipment in the green space at Granville Island.


Vancouver is awesome and my list could go on and on with all of the fun things we get up to. What’s your favourite summertime activity in Vancouver?




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  1. I LOVE Vancouver! I wish I lived there. Seriously.

    We love Stanley Park and a lot and the water park there is cute and so much fun.

  2. Allison Greenbury August 11, 2014 at 8:31 pm Reply

    That is a fantastic beach photo and totally classic summertime love. For us, we really love to do the summertime ‘things’. The fireworks at English Bay, the PNE, etc. Love these special events!

  3. I really really miss Vancouver since we moved to Arizona. It’s funny, I even miss the rainy season a bit too. That’s coming from living i the desert for the last 9 years. I spent some much time at English Bay in my 20’s, brings back so many good feelings thinking back!

  4. Wow, that does sound awesome! We live in Victoria and I have to agree, the summer months to make the rainy months worth it. 🙂 There’s about as much to explore around here and we’ve been trying to fit it all in too (along with a move and swim lessons and other things!). Thanks for sharing!

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