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M.I.T.C is MIA??

October 27, 2014 // Pure Mama

Well, hello old friend! I’m dusting off the blog and I’m getting those creative writing juices flowing. I’ve seriously missed you all and while my ‘Mama in the City’ Facebook page is fantastic at keeping our interactions close and connected, it’s not the same as having you read my words over here. The thing is I’ve had a bit of writers block and every time I went to sit down and write out an amazing blog post, it would crumble and turn into nothing worth sharing. Instead of pushing it and churning out crap (just because I wanted a new post) I decided I deserved to take a break and so I did.

I think after 5 plus years of blogging it’s normal to get a bit of a creativity block and feel a lack of inspiration when it comes to writing. I’ve been looking through some of my old posts and I’m really enjoying reading through them and seeing what a then 2 year old Ben got up to in the city and what our baby Josie was like when she was just teeny tiny. This blog is seriously their modern day baby books and I love that so much.

I’ve also really missed writing about the topics that get me feeling excited like birth and breastfeeding and babies. On some nights when insomnia found me I’d create the most amazing posts about these topics, but they were all in my head and when it was time for morning to come they had dissolved and were mere one liners in my memory.

I want to write. I’ve missed it and I feel like the juices are starting to simmer and flow and I’m ready. I just hope you are still around to read!



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