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In The Hot Box

April 17, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Parenting

Back when we had Ben we were sort of taken aback by the fact that he became jaundice about 24 hours after birth. He hated being under the photo therapy lights and treatment was difficult to balance between his cries of misery and getting enough light exposure. Then we had Josie  and we felt like total pros and asked for her to be tested for jaundice at the 24 hour mark. Like we had predicted, our second baby had jaundice too. However, she didn’t mind being trapped in a warm box with a eye mask on.

I felt pretty certain that baby #3 would also need treatment for jaundice and I was not at all surprised when at the 24 hour mark she needed phototherapy. This wee girl was super chill under the lights and probably the easiest one when it came to soothing and leaving alone in the box.


Her nurse made a little nest on the bed and she felt comforted surrounded by a ledge of rolls as she kicked and wiggled. It was funny to watch her hanging out in her photo therapy box. Man this girl can wiggle!! I knew she was a mover and a shaker from when I was pregnant, as she flipped positions all the time and would often lay side ways instead of head down. I even had a few fretful moments when she turned breech. So, watching her under the lights was interesting as she did the exact same thing. I’ve never seen a newborn move as much as she did.

On her last full day of treatment Ben dropped by after school and absolutely adored staring at her. We let him put his hands through the side doors and he counted her toes and rubbed her hair and was just in awe of his tiny sister.


Today we waited patiently for yet another blood test to come back to tell us that her levels of bilirubin had come down enough for us to take her home. Things settled down enough for her to come home and we couldn’t jet out of the hospital soon enough! We’re going to be keeping a pretty strict feeding schedule so that we can work on getting rid of the leftover bilirubin in her system. Lucky for her and for me, she nurses like a champ and my milk is pouring in (and all over the bedsheets).




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  1. Oh my goodness those photos are just so priceless! Big brother counting toes! Seriously a sweet moment was captured.

  2. Uhh… getting all emotional looking at your wee newborn. Brings back memories of when mine were new. *sigh* Glad you guys are all at home and resting now. Here’s to smooth sailing ahead.

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