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What’s In A Name?

April 21, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Parenting

It took us over a week to come up with this baby’s name but we have one, we finally have one! My husband favoured Gabriella but I was just stumped. I literally did not have one name that called out to me. I did not have any big favourites or names I had always wanted to call my daughter. I think the emotions of the pregnancy and then the quick post birth admittance to the NICU didn’t allow me to get my head wrapped around naming our girl.

For a full week she was just ‘baby’. We tossed around different names and my husband even bribed the nurses and staff at the hospital with buttery croissants if they voted for Gabriella. I love the name but it just wasn’t HER name. My requirements were that it should be something classic that went with Benjamin and Josephine and that you could make a few short names out of one long name.

Let me tell you, no matter how much it doesn’t bother you that your baby has no name, it bothers A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE. Almost to a comical level when they ask you in exasperation once again what her name is. Apparently people love to get all the details in a very prompt manner. Everyone gets a name eventually and I wasn’t going to feel rushed with choosing her name.

Once she was out of the NICU and out of phototherapy, I was able to spend more time being with her hanging out skin to skin in my hospital room. It was during that time that I was really able to start connecting with her. I knew she wasn’t a Gabriella and our other names on the short list didn’t fit her either. We had tossed around Beatrice, Beatrix, Jessa, Abigail and even more.

When we got around to the idea of Elizabeth, a name we had tossed around casually, my husband said he liked it but it suited her with a gentle S instead of a Z. That was it. I loved it! It totally fit this tiny girl and it went with the flow of the sibling names. We are still working on what her nickname will be, we are just letting that fall in place and so we call her Elisabeth for now. Our sweet baby Elisabeth.





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  1. I absolutely love the name you chose for your baby. Classic and elegant and full of potential cute nick names. I was one of those people who had names chosen before I met my husband. I knew I wanted to have a baby and if it was a girl it would be Meredith and lucky for me my only child is…my Meredith. It was just a name that sang to me and my husband was a good sport and just went along with it!!

  2. Love the name and the thinking process. Your name choices – or at least your process – remind me a bit of a friend whose children are Josephine “Josie”, Emmaline “Emmy” and now Anneliese “Liesy”. The last one took a long time for them to decide because they needed it to fit with the others – as you can relate:)

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