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Weekend Love: Vancouver Style

June 7, 2015 // Pure Mama, Vancouver

Last weekend my hubby and the big kids left our apartment at 10 AM to go to an outdoor pool in the city and they didn’t get back until the afternoon. They came home sun kissed and happy and apparently it was sooooo super awesome, as per Ben, that I really needed to come. I’ve been staying home a lot since the baby was born and the hubby takes the big kids on fun adventures, tires them out, and I take care of the baby. It’s been a nice ride and I’ve enjoyed the quiet weekends. Fast forward to this weekend and we packed up the 3 kids and the car and did the 10 minute drive to the pool.

There’s just something about the bright blue colour of the pool, the smell of sunscreen and the warmth on my skin that made me wish I could order up a poolside piña colada. I guess my brain is now trained to see blue water and instantly think of sipping adult beverages. We found a shady spot for me and baby to hang out in and set up our little day camp before the big kids ran to the pool. Of course there was me yelling, ‘don’t run! Ben! Josie! Just walk’.


I’m not keen on bringing a tiny baby into a public pool, especially since we are just getting her first round of immunizations this week, and so baby I hung out in the shade with her cozy and sleeping in our new Vancouver made carrier. I dipped my toes in and waved to the big kids who were having an absolute blast showing off their tricks to me and playing with their dad. Despite not fully being submerged, it was still so fantastic to be out with them.

I even got a picture of me at the pool, complete with my crazy lady hair blowing in the wind. That is a tiny eye poking out of my Baby Buddha carrier.  That smile of mine is totally genuine and it really felt so great to be out with my family and enjoying the weekend like it was meant to be enjoyed. At first I was keen to stay back and clean and sort and organize with only 1 bambino in the mix, but I’m so glad my hubby got me moving and out the door.


I’ve decided that this summer I’m going to the be mum wearing the bathing suit at the pool. I’m not going to be hiding under cover ups or sundresses. There are lots of bodies out there and mine just happens to have had three babies, and one kind of recently, so I’m going to go buy a fabulous bathing suit and be in the moment with my kids and not just on the sidelines.

Recently I stumbled upon the Instagram account of this amazing Vancouver based swimsuit shop, Nettle’s Tale Swimwear, and even without having been at the actual shop yet, I’m raving about it! I’m going to be making plans to go baby free and pick out an awesome suit that I will rock all summer long and feel good wearing.

I can’t believe I’ve lived in Vancouver for 13 years and have never been to this particular outdoor pool. It’s clean and well maintained and seriously close to us. Last summer when I worked, the nanny took the kids here and that’s when I first even started having Second Beach Pool on my radar. If you haven’t been here yet, you should totally put it on your summer bucket list. I have a feeling we are going to be frequenting this joint pretty often this summer.




Also, can you believe that baby Elisabeth is 8 weeks old and THIS weekend’s trip to the pool was her third time being in the car? We are a total family in the city and walk most places, so she rides stroller style or in a carrier.  Luckily she did just fine on the 10 minute car ride and had her big brother narrating her every move from his seat.

Have a fantastic week ahead dear readers! I’m going to be making last years fun summer drink recipe of watermelon-Fresca-splash of vodka. Super summery and absolutely delicious.



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  1. Oh man. What I would give to live in Vancouver and have those amazing places just nearby. We live out in rural land and while the peace and quiet and green everywhere is awesome, I do kind of miss things like this. Especially with kids.

  2. It looks like a blast, I’m glad to Ben and Josie love going there! They would love the sunny beaches here in Florida , HINT HINT

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