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Riding Horses

November 30, 2015 // Parenting, Pure Mama

After much talk and anticipation about riding horses in Arizona, this girl did it. She had told everyone who would listen about how she was going to see her cousins in Arizona and ride. It was high up on her list of things she wanted to accomplish in our short trip to Scottsdale.

It was her second year with the horses and she remembered their names and which one was the nicest and which one was a bit testy. Much to her surprise there was a new third horse added to the mix. This girl was in heaven.

Dirt roads and dusty trails. Blue skies and cactuses everywhere. Horses and an excited little girl all equal the perfect day.



I never went horseback riding when I was a kid. The only time I was around horses was when I volunteered to go with the special education class for equine therapy. Even then I just helped make sure the students had a good time and didn’t do much with the actual horses. Well, except for the one time where one of the handlers just assumed I knew how to ride a horse, I mean why else would they have sent the nerdiest sixth grader along to help the kids with the horses?

At the end of the therapy session they told me to go and ride the biggest most tallest horse back to the stable. I have no idea why I didn’t just confess that I actually had never been on a horse but I just sort of went with it. They boosted me up and pointed to where the stable was. Which to me was like telling me to ride the horse to a completely different country. Somehow the horse knew exactly where the stable was and we both survived.

This girl is all about embracing the moment, as you can see from the look of pure joy on her face. Red cowgirl boots and all.



My 3 year old daughter already has more experience riding a horse than me. Maybe one year I will get a turn to ride the horses too. Maybe that one experience back when I was 11 will have helped make me a bit of a natural rider. Either that or I will have to take my turn with all the little cousins and line up to ride the horses!




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