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Five Ways To Get Through A Crappy Day

March 29, 2016 // Parenting, Pure Mama

Whether you have no kids, lots of kids or one kid, crappy days happen to all of us. Hard days aren’t just reserved for adulthood, sometimes your toddler has a crappy day and it rubs off on you and then all of a sudden you’re also having a hard day. Sound familiar?

I’ve found with three kids there’s always someone having a rough day and sometimes it’s me. Lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed, tiny humans always wanting something all adds up. It turns out that your crappy mood affects all of the people around you and your just not enjoyable to be around when you’re in a bad mood.

We don’t need to let these crappy days just take over and let the bad vibes fester. You can totally change the pace of your day and get over things so your day isn’t a total write off.




1. Get outside! Seriously this is FREE and it is somewhat easy. I feel like I can say that coming off of two weeks of Spring Break with three kids. Throw on big sunglasses and no one will see your dreary ‘whoa is me’ face (been there!). Even on my most crappy days mustering up the courage to get outside has always paid off. I feel like I can basically guarantee this one to work for you.

2.  Meet a friend for coffee. Even a super casual meet up with your whole brood of wildlings is going to give you an ultra mood boost that you dearly need. Twenty minutes of chit chatting has been scientifically proven to boost your mood. Okay, maybe that’s not totally true but I feel like it could potentially be proven as true.

3. Make future plans to give yourself something to look forward to. Even if your life is very full there’s always the chance that you can carve out time in the near future. I’ve found that just looking forward to something positive helps me get out of a bad funk. It can be as simple as finally making that hair appointment you’ve put off for six months. Book it. Basically this one is a double mood booster as you have something to look forward to and another boost when you actually get to go.

4. Take a breathe. I know this might seem so obvious that it’s kind of lame but trust me on this one. When we get stressed and anxious we tend to hold our breath. Give yourself a few good cycles of conscious breaths and see how things go. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Here is some good info about conscious breathing

5. Give yourself permission to not make dinner. Order in, take out or bake up that frozen pizza that’s been sitting in your freezer. Make it a cereal and toast duo. Taking something off the to do list is going to help ease your stress level and make life feel possibly doable again. At least for a bit.


Tell me, what life hacks have you found to cure your bad mood or crappy day? I’m definitely ready to add some more mood boosting tricks.



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  1. My life hack is to start drinking the wine at 4 PM instead of 5. Just saying 😉

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