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What’s In Baby’s Stocking?

December 21, 2016 // Holiday Talk, Parenting

A friend once gave me the inside scoop about Christmas presents and babies. She told me to save my money, limit my stress and not buy presents for baby’s first few Christmases. I was given the advice back with the first baby and I heard her advice but it was so hard not to put together a stocking for my baby.

Baby's First Christmas Stocking (4)

Instead of skipping it all together I kept things very simple for all of my ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ and continue to do so as they’ve gotten older. My first Christmas as a mama I packed a stocking with a couple new baby spoons, a pack of baby biscuits and a few other small things.

Fast forward to baby #3 and the problem with subsequent siblings is that older siblings will pay attention to what every other child gets, even the baby. If the baby gets nothing but teething biscuits, the older kids go on high alert and are confused as to why Santa only gave some old teething biscuits.

I know how this works, I was the middle child of three sisters, you can’t just put a pack of old teething biscuits in the littlest’s stocking and call it a day! Older siblings pay attention to what every other sibling gets.

This year I’ve kept it nice and simple with Elisabeth’s Christmas stocking and I know she will have fun pulling the wrapping paper off. Side note: I totally realize that at 20 months old Elisabeth is not a baby BUT she is our youngest and this makes her default ‘The Baby’ forever and ever. The End.


  1. Bebe De Luxe milk bath
  2. Kikkerland  reusable pouch filled with a couple of chocolate Kisses
  3. Usborne Noisy book
  4. Purple Play dough
  5. One juicy clementine

Don’t worry, I totally know that my 20 month old toddler is not still a baby but, that being said, she will always be called ‘The Baby’ for as long as she is the youngest child. Which will be forever.

That snowman stocking is my childhood stocking that my mum made. Each of my littlest get to use it for their first couple of Christmases and even one of our old dog’s had a turn using it too. Got to love family traditions!





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  1. This is great! Nice and simple!

  2. Nice selection, the play dough is always a big winner in our house. Best wishes for 2017.

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