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Should You Take Your Kids To Kidtropolis?

February 24, 2017 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways, Vancouver

Finding an activity that is engaging and fun to do with all three of my kids can be a bit of a challenge. It has to be interesting enough for an 8 and 5 year old and safe enough for our not yet 2 year old toddler. What excites the older kids doesn’t always work for a toddler.

We had been talking about heading to Richmond’s Kidtropolis for awhile and finally a day happened where we could all go! The kids loved the idea of being able to play in a little city made just for kids and I liked that it could be fun for all of them.

Pros of Kidtropolis

  • Toddlers under 2 are free!
  • Engaging play for a range of ages. I feel like the preschool crowd would be the age group that benefits most from Kidtropolis but my 8 year old boy had a great time. At first it took him awhile to warm up to being there but by the end I had to drag him away.
  • A jungle gym area encourages physical activity. This was the area my oldest wanted to hang out in the most. He loved climbing around as well as the thrill of the big slide.
  • Lots of staff around cleaning up and keeping things sorted and safe. I liked that the staff were easy to identify in the mix of all the other adults.
  • There is no time limit and you can easily spend several hours here.
  • The cafe has high chairs (that are clean!!!) and they will bring you your tray of food and drinks to your table. So much easier when you are the only adult with three littles!
  • Paid off site parking was covered up to two hours.
  • Creativity and imagination is definitely a huge part of going to Kidtropolis. My creative preschooler loved visiting all the different buildings and her favourite was the airplane.

Cons of Kidtropolis

  • Parking is seriously terrible during the week. Meaning, do not count on parking anywhere near the actual site. There are a handful of designated spots out front but the rest of the parking is reserved for other businesses. We had to park off site in the Olympic Oval and with 3 kids it was actually a huge hassle and I almost turned around to go home. Walking with a toddler is a special kind of parenting test. If you go there with another adult, drop everyone off at the door and let the other adult park the car. 
  • You can’t bring your own snacks in. The cafe is decent and serves a variety of food but all purchased food and drink is restricted to the cafe, so there is no slow sipping of your coffee while your kids play. During peak lunch times it can be hard to get a table.
  • The mix of ages means you can have a big group of older kids roughhousing around small kids. No injuries for us but I definitely had to be on top of watching big kids wrestle around the toddler.
  • Not all parents are actively watching their kids. Sigh, I hate to even say that but it does cause for a little bit of a headache at times. Most big kids were going around by themselves, which was fine but it did create a few ‘sharing is caring’ moments.

Final verdict is: Definitely have a visit to Kidtropolis! We will be back for some more pretend play fun!



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  1. FUN!!! This looks like a seriously great place. My kids would love to explore!

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