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Family Travel: Maui Edition

March 5, 2017 // Pure Mama

I’m sitting here on an airplane at about ten o’clock at night. Two out of three of my kids are actually fast asleep, amazing, and I thought I’d share three really great travel products that we stumbled upon while gearing up for our trip to Hawaii. We’ve done a bunch of air travel with all three of the kids and the trickiest age that I find is the toddler age.

Babies can be lulled in a baby carry or nursed to sleep and worse case, if they do cry, it’s a tiny baby. People don’t hate you as much when it’s a tiny baby crying. Unlike toddlers, tiny babies don’t wrestle you while you try to get them to sit still during take off. Toddler cries are a lot louder and much more persistent in an angry ‘LET ME DO IT’ way.

If there is anything that will make traveling on an airplane with kids easier I have read it, seen it, reviewed it and put it into action. Here are a few things that we found to make traveling a little bit easier.

This great car seat luggage strap from Go-Go Babyz is designed to tie your toddler carseat to your suitcase. Your toddler can literally be seated in their carseat and you wheel around your case. Making hauling around that big car seat much easier, plus you can contain your little runner in a busy airport.

We found this worked best in just hauling the big car seat in the airport but our little lady didn’t actually ride in her carseat. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone that has ever had to haul around multiple car seats. Been there, done that. I love the concept behind this product and I think the design is really solid. We paid under $20 to buy this product and it was worth the price.

A few weeks back I was out shopping and found this neat silicone lid and straw set from Silikids called Siliskin Straw Top. I started to get tired of Lizzy always dumping smoothie everywhere or going to a restaurant and having to be on high alert because of an adult size open glass. Apparently as the third child you do not want to be that different and have a ‘baby cup’ when your siblings all have regular cups. I’m always learning in this parenting gig!

This stretchy lid seemed to be the answer. We took it with us in our carry on and it worked great. Before we took off we dined at the airport and they brought our toddler an open glass. The silicone lid just fits on top and voila, toddler approved. I definitely recommend this one, its easier than bringing your own cup and can be stored without taking up hardly any room. We just gave it a bit of a rinse in our water cup before we packed it away.

If you’ve ever traveled with kids then you know the whole pain, physically and literally, of bringing carseats and booster seats. They take up a lot of room while you are navigating in the airport and it makes for one parent to be on ‘car seat duty’  while pushing the big luggage cart full of precariously placed kid seats.

Image from One Smiley Monkey Blog

We found the ‘mifold the Grab-and-Go-Booster’ and after reading what it was all about and checking out the safety of it, we eagerly snapped one up. It’s exactly what it promises and I’m so surprised this idea hasn’t come out years ago. It is revolutionary in how we think about booster seats for our big kids. Plus, your kid can actually car the MiFold themselves. It is that compact.

I’ll be sharing about our family travels as we go and I’d love for you to follow along. Catch us on Instagram as we explore the sights of Maui. Look for #MamainMaui!



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