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How I Rock Being A Mum To Three

June 5, 2017 // Parenting

Back when I was an Apartment Mama to one baby, I felt like I had my hands pretty full. I suffered with sleep deprivation and a high needs baby and all the usual adjustments that becoming a parent brings. I felt like my mamahood was full enough and there wasn’t possible any room left for adding more. Then I had my second apartment baby and then my third and all of a sudden I was an Apartment Mama to three kids. Whoa.

Life was pretty good with my three babes but life often felt like it a constant job of being on eagle eye surveillance to make sure everyone was okay and there wasn’t a lot of time for anything else. For the most part I honestly felt like I was just getting by. In order to thrive and survive I spent the last two years embracing being a mama to three kids and let other aspects of my life slide in order to protect and provide the most important part, my three growing babes.

 Lowering my overall standards of what I can do is one but also splitting up the kids and doing things in groups of two kids is really what is working for me.

Friendships had to be put on hold, extra work projects did not exist and things meant to just fulfil me had to wait.  I have zero regrets on putting things aside to focus on raising three small humans. Now that the youngest is a solid two years old there is more of an ability to taking a relaxing breathe and have that sigh of relief. The all encompassing aspect of raising a baby is now over and it’s now much easier to sign off and step away for a moment.

Right now I am making my mamahood work in so many different ways. Lowering my overall standards of what I can do is one but also splitting up the kids and doing things in groups of two kids is really what is working for me. I’ve found that taking the two little girls off to go and do fun stuff for the 0-5 year old crowd while the oldest is off at school has been a really big help to my stress level. Sometimes I’ve been taking the two big kids and we go and do stuff that involves being out and about during toddler nap times and the big kids get my focused attention.

The last few weekends I’ve taken the two big kids and we’ve gone off and done big kid things. Which basically means activities that exist around the coveted toddler afternoon nap time. It’s actually felt like a small break for me being out and about to a mama to an eight and five year old. It’s less eagle eye mama watching a toddler navigate life and more fun mama doing fun things with the big kids. Like checking out the busy Vancouver Children’s Festival this past weekend.

If I can maintain one lesson throughout  my motherhood it is to have no regrets and truly enjoy each stage and right now I am doing just that.





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  1. Amen to the splitting the kids up. We all love the flexibility that comes with a smaller group and it’s nice for the kids to get to do age appropriate things. Also, it kinda feels like a break, right? When I just have my older two I enjoy not having the stroller and diapers along, or having to be eagle eyes at the water park. When I have the younger two we get to do silly and ‘baby-ish’ activities the oldest is very done with. My husband and I find that if we all do everything together all weekend long, we’re all pretty exhausted by Sunday evening.

  2. Being a mother is one of the best things that can ever happen to a person in life. It’s a very great experience.

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