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Summer Dinner Idea: Grilled Salmon Cakes Salad

July 12, 2017 // Uncategorized

I’m going to be totally real here, I do not love cooking at all and find making dinner to be a total chore. This totally opposite from my husband who is an amazing at home chef who can take random pantry ingredients and toss them  together to make some creation. His passion for cooking is what caught my eye from the very beginning.

One of my favourite things to put together is a dinner salad, probably because it is hard to go wrong and I love a big salad. Our very favourite dinner salad is made with fresh wild salmon served over greens. I can actually put this together and it tastes just as amazing as when my husband makes it. Huge win for me!

We’ve been making this salad for the last few years and we are currently  taking advantage of the summer salmon season. I love fresh wild salmon and so when I see it at the market I always know that this salad will be on our menu.

The prep for this salad can be done ahead of dinnertime and chilling the salmon cakes before grilling helps them to hold their shape. This salad is so flavourful and filling with a definite tartness from the tartar sauce and that bit of crispiness from the cakes, together it makes it the perfect combo.

You can most definitely use your favourite store bought tartar sauce but if you want go for full flavour try this recipe and you will not be disappointed. If I was cooking this dish I’d probably ask my hubby to make the tartar sauce. Homemade condiments are a bit fiddly for me but it’s totally his kind of thing. The other side is that you won’t find a better tartar sauce than one you can make yourself.

Now this is dinner. Seriously my favourite summer salad and that’s why I’m sharing it with you. After we made this we ate it on the patio together once the kids went to bed. It was a little at home date night with full flavour. I could eat these salmon cakes every day.




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  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing. Always looking for some inspiration!

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