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Four Ways That I Choose Happiness

August 16, 2017 // Parenting, Pure Mama

Recently someone commented to me, ‘Andrea, I love reading your blog and it look like you guys are always having such a great time BUT…aren’t you just sharing the good stuff? Are you really that happy?’.

The honest answer is, yes and no people! It turns out that I actually love having fun with my kids and we do have a lot of happiness in our daily lives. I’m actually that person who feels total sadness thinking our two months of summer vacation is coming to an end.  I’ve truly loved every field trip we’ve gone on this summer and I’m actually dismayed that I don’t have more time with my three kids to get to even more fun outings with the three of them.

I’m also human and I have three kids who wake up and are ridiculously hungry the second their feet hit the ground. There are your usual sibling fights and lots of, ‘who didn’t flush the toilet?!’. I get asked about Minecraft a bazillion times each day, from two different kids. I often don’t have enough time to wash my hair regularly and I’m notorious for wearing the same outfit multiple days in a row.

Sometimes I can’t wait for my three kids to go to sleep because I just want to be silent for a few hours. However, no matter what kind of daily irritations occur I still choose happiness. If you read this blog, follow me on Instagram or the Mama in the City Facebook page, I can assure you that what you see is what you get.

Here is how, as a mum of three, I make sure happiness soaks into our lives every day.

  • I schedule breaks into each month that are just about me and not just me as a ‘mum’ doing stuff for my kids. I book a babysitter and go get a pedicure/a massage/run errands for myself. This is not selfish and this is a big part of my overall happiness. These small outings give me something to look forward to and allow me to appreciate the time spent with my kids more.
  • We get out of the house (and by house I mean condo!). I find sibling fights, my own irritation level and everyones overall mood is totally effected by staying at home. It is so much easier to load up the stroller and get outside than it is to stay home and constantly be putting out fires. Even a short outing can instantly change all of our moods.
  • When it’s all feeling too much for me and I can feel my breath stuck in my chest and my shoulders are tensed up by my ears, I make frozen pizza for dinner. Funny enough, my kids love when this happens! While I’m busy trying to decompress from whatever it is, they are cheering about getting to have a frozen pizza for dinner. It’s a win win. Sometimes it is okay to just exist and get by.
  • My vice is good coffee and I’ve found that tiny rewards can truly make my day. Three kids is a lot of work and sometimes that short adult interaction at the coffee shop is what fuels my happiness. Holding that iced Americano or that warm (three shot!) latte in my hand as we trek to the park is what gets me through the day.

I am fully embracing this season in my life, the happy parts and the chaotic mind numbing parts. One day I hope to be that old wrinkly granny reminiscing about the glorious summer days I spent with my three little kids.





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  1. Thanks for sharing Andrea. It is easy to peek inside other peoples lives and assume everything is coming up roses. Love your tips on keeping the happy in your life.

  2. COFFEE< YES! Thank god Vancouver has so many different options to choose from.
    Also, getting out of the house is huuuge! Even with just a baby I can tell that her mood changes when we go outdoors more often. There's more for her to see and she's less fussy! We barely went out of the house all winter (because 1. snow, and 2. colic) but I'm already planning to make a point of it next winter, no matter what.

    Thanks for the reminder that happiness IS a choice, and not just something that happens to us 🙂

  3. I find I am happiest when Im outside. Being stuck inside is so draining. There is nothing like natural light and getting out into the elements to really reconnect with yourself. Great post! Love the balloon pic!

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