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Tales of the Traveling Tummy Bug

August 23, 2017 // Parenting

We had just come back from a nice long weekend away with my whole family. I’m talking grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. We had time at the beach, pool time, adventures around town and we just enjoyed being away together for a long weekend.

The purpose of our trip was to celebrate my parents 45th wedding anniversary and it took months to arrange for all of us to be together in one spot together.  A little family holiday time at the beach seemed like the best gift to give and on our last night together we had a special dinner at a restaurant to celebrate our parents.

If you followed me on social media while we were away you would have seen smiley photos of us playing at the beach, sipping wine, and making lots of memories. What you did not see was the exchange of germs that is inevitable when you get a bunch of little kids together. Parents, am I right about this?

I think the biggest offending age group for sharing gross germs is the 1-4 year old age group. This is the age where everything goes into their mouths and there’s a total disregard for things like washing your hands and not licking the countertop at a shop.

We had heard the news that a tummy bug had hit one of the cousins and so they were quarantined and we continued on with the weekend of fun. After all, this kind of trip was a lot of work to plan and who knows when it will happen again.

Here is a classic scenario of why the 1-4 year old age group cannot be trusted:

Cousin #1 has been sick but is now feeling better and on the mend. Cousin #1 is playing with our iPad while the adults try to enjoy the celebratory anniversary dinner out. All of a sudden cousin #1 vomits all over the iPad causing cousin #2 (my kid of course!) to become freaked out and enraged that there is now vomit on the beloved iPad. Without hesitation she grabs that vomit covered iPad and yells in utter distress, ‘MY IPAD!!!’ all while getting her hands lathered up in cousin #1’s vomit.


Fast forward to our arrival home. It was a long and sweaty trip back home which included a three hour wait for a ferry on a very hot afternoon but everyone appeared to be healthy. Hooray! By the time we got home we were so done with the day and it was a cereal for dinner and into bed kind of night. That is when the rumbling started happening and before we realized what was happening we were met face on with the cherished family memories of the traveling tummy bug.

Current vibes include two out of three kids have had the traveling tummy bug and we are now doing the waiting game to see if kid #3 gets it. I’m crossing my fingers that me and my hubby will be saved. When dealing with barf and kids it feels like you’ve already been sick, no need for personal experiences at this point.

There you have the tale of the traveling tummy bug and why you can’t trust kids to not share germs.





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  1. OH god. Seriously stomach bugs and traveling should be banned. We had a case when we were in a hotel room in Maui. It was a disaster. We had to call down and get clean sheets and towels. My toddler pooped on the carpet. It was seriously such a low moment. No comforts of home. Worst was we didnt have a kitchen so had to order room service to get tea and toast.

  2. This is the worst. We were on a road trip with our two kids, they were 2 and 4 at the time, and the barfing started about three hours into the trip. I seriously didn’t know what to do. Should we turn around and go home? Was it just a fluke barf? It wasn’t. It was terrible. We all got it. Had to stay in a motel and it was pure misery. Parenting can be hell.

  3. A stomach bug is seriously a big problem while we are travelling.

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