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Recharging Your Mom Battery

December 5, 2017 // Parenting, Pure Mama

Recently we went on our annual trip to the United States for Thanksgiving. Having a US born husband means that we get a few perks, like celebrating two different Thanksgivings every year and traveling out of the country to go see family.

It’s safe to say that this specific trip was our best air travel as a family ever and I’m sure that is one of the things that made a huge difference with how I felt when we got home. Especially in comparison to years we had a tiny baby and then a toddler to fly with.

I think the ease came from knowing the  ropes of navigating a family of five on an international flight (pro tip: always ask to go in the family lines even if one isn’t flagged) and the kids being that much older. At 9, 5 and 2.5 years old it was easier to physically move through the airport and easier to keep them occupied without a ton of tricks.

We traded in the wet cool rainy days of Vancouver for the desert sun and heat of Scottsdale, Arizona. There’s just something about cruising down a legit dusty desert road that makes you feel like you’re truly out of the concrete jungle. Sometimes it is just a simple change of routine that gives you the boost to recharge.


The kids were happy riding horses and being with their cousins and our short time away past effortlessly.  It was the fourth year that Josie rode this sweet horse named Buck and this year she really fell in love with the idea of riding horses. Since we’ve back in the city she talks daily about taking care of these amazing animals.

Isn’t it wondrous to see your child become enamoured with something, to see them find that thing that creates a spark inside of them? Since we’ve been home from the desert we’ve talked endlessly about horses and are currently in talks about planning a horse themed birthday party for next month.

Today I was puttering around at home and realized I’ve been having this amazing energy boost the past week. I really think it was from the sunshine, the family time and the low stress that helped me to feel this way.  I firmly believe that sunshine is really the best medicine.



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