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When New Year’s Resolutions Just Don’t Work For You

December 30, 2017 // Parenting, Pure Mama

Who here makes New Year’s Resolutions?

Bueller? Bueller?

Apparently around forty percent of you will make some form of New Year’s resolution but only eight percent will actually stick to it. Not really a big surprise here and this blog post is not meant to convince you to make New Year’s resolutions. However, there’s something about over indulging and living it up throughout the holiday seasons, what with that extra baking and fizzy sips of celebration, that it feels just right to be mindful in the choices we make for our wellbeing.

While I’ve never been one to sit down and make a hard core resolution list that I thought would change my life, I’ve always enjoyed moving out of December and into January with an air of freshness. I’m pulling on the words mindfulness and intention as I shift into the New Year.

While, you won’t find me making New Year resolutions, I do have a list of intentions that I will work on. If they only last for the month of January, I will be okay with that.

Eat more salads

After saying yes a few too many times to holiday baking and extra celebratory meals out, it just feels like the right decision to prep that hearty salad at home. In lieu of the fancy cheese platter, my go to in the New Year is always the ‘big salad’. My favourite combo for a big salad is a Santa Fe style salad with corn, dates, tortilla strips and a peanut lime vinaigrette. I like adding cajun chicken and even some goat cheese to make it a filling meal.

Diffuse oils in your living space

I have a diffuser on my bedside table and I love dropping in some of my favourite oil and letting the scent diffuse throughout the space. Nothing says out with the old and in with the FRESH like uplifting scents diffusing in my home. I really love oils with a mix of lemon, eucalyptus and sweet spearmint and I really could have that combo diffusing almost all day long.

Say yes to the book

After the hubbub of the holiday life where the calendar is usually filled up with get togethers and more nights out than usual, I really enjoy taking things down a notch and filling up my quiet time with books. While the light outside still retires quite early, I find that vegging in bed with a thick book is such a great way to recharge and feel grounded. The accomplishment of flipping pages and losing yourself in a book is hands down one of the most fantastic way to recharge.

Currently I’ve got Brené Brown’s book ‘Braving the Wildness’ on my nightstand and I’ve made a commitment to read  it over the next month. I was so excited about this book that I gifted one to my sister and I’m reading it as part of a January book club with my nurse friends.

Live thankfulness

The New Year is the perfect time to show thankfulness. Which means saying or writing down the words ‘thank you’ and showing the people in your life that their gifts, however they might’ve look, were appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to eat fancy cheese with me.

Thank you for giving my children Christmas cards and little thoughtful gifts.

Thank you for keeping the pace of traditions with me and my family.

Thank you for the abundance of bath products and fancy anti ageing eye cream.

All of these deserves recognition and teaching thankfulness is the perfect gift a mother can give her children.

Sleep rituals and going to bed early

I know for sure that many of you have had major late nights through out December. Whether you spent them making sure your family’s holiday just perfect or your social life was pretty happening, the New Year is truly your gift to health.

Give the gift of sleep hygiene to yourself by creating an amazing nighttime ritual before bed. Whether you’re a shift worker, an exhausted new mama or a chronic insomniac, sleep hygiene is vital in promoting sweet sweet sleep and setting yourself up for the best.

Sleep hygiene can be as simple as having a pre bed bath, reading a book (even just a few pages). Creating these little rituals will help cue your mind and body into shutting down for the night. As a shift working mama who has been notoriously chronically sleep deprived, I can guarantee you that sleep routine is a major health gift you can give to yourself.

If it feels impossible to get to bed early try starting with just one night a week. Try Sunday night and build from there and remember that sleep truly does beget sleep.

When it all feels too much, PURGE!

Out with the old and in with the new, am I right? After an influx of presents and holiday sale finds the New Year is seriously the best time to get things sorted. It doesn’t even need to require a lot of work on your part. Take ten minutes to walk through a room and pick up a set amount of things you don’t use anymore. Toss, recycle or donate to your hearts desire.

Living in a small space means that I gleefully look forward to the end of the year purge as we tuck away all of our new treasures and collections. Instead of just stacking things on top of the old ones, go through your space and move out what you no longer love or need. This gentle purge helps keep your space fresh and is the perfect start to a New Year.

Are you part of the forty percent that make New Year’s resolutions, perhaps you’re part of the eight percent that actually maintain those resolutions as the weeks tick by. Whatever your path may be, happiest New Year wishes for a healthy mindful January!






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  1. Happy New Year’s mama in the city! Wishing you all the best! I love reading your blog posts and have been reading since about 2011 when I had my first baby.

  2. Well, I pretty much do not make new years resolutions anymore. I just try to be better than the year before….on everything.

  3. I need to slow down for more books. I’ve always wanted to read more I just always seem to put other things in its place.

  4. amen! new year resolutions just don’t for me. I have to do things throughout the year to make my changes.

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