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The Motherhood Effect

April 20, 2017 // Parenting, Pure Mama // 2 Comments

Recently I had a weird interaction with someone and I totally let their negative vibe influence how I felt. I felt totally overwhelmed because I hate having awkward interactions with people and I am naturally more of a peace keeper […]

Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2017 // Pure Mama // 2 Comments

This post is not going to be filled with my New Year’s resolutions. It’s not about weight loss or making huge changes or even having a fresh start. Every once in awhile I’m reminded about how good things are in […]

Current Crushes

May 27, 2016 // Beauty // 3 Comments

When I find something that I truly love I just cannot keep it to myself. Here are my current favourite things that I’m totally crushing on. ************************************************** Last week we had a wedding to go to and I wanted to […]

Ramblings From M.I.T.C

September 29, 2015 // Beauty, Pure Mama // 5 Comments

My current addiction is watching back to back episodes of Scandal on Netflix while cuddle up in my bed with a nursing baby next to me. Either that or in the bath tub with my lap top resting precariously atop […]

Dear Friends

February 24, 2015 // Pure Mama // 4 Comments

I found that adulthood changed the way friendship worked for me and for the most part it was for the better. Being an adult means you don’t need to keep friends around who drain you or those who create stress […]

It’s Been Quiet Around Here

  It’s been purposefully quiet around here as I find myself coping with life the best way that I can, which means becoming a bit more of an introvert. I’ve found that when  life is low key and there isn’t a […]

5 Random Things About Me

November 14, 2014 // Pure Mama, Uncategorized // 2 Comments

I was tagged by the lovely Gwen over at Left Coast Mama for this old school blog post meme and thought what better to do on Friday morning than blog. I’m suppose to tell you 5 random things about me, […]

Sweater Weather

November 5, 2014 // Pure Mama // One Comment

Did you hear? There will be no gingerbread latte from Starbucks for us West Coasters this year. The lack of ginger and molasses will be disappointing but I’m sure I’ll get over it or at least replace it with something […]


June 30, 2014 // Parenting, Pure Mama // 7 Comments

THURSDAY– I was honestly feeling hormonal and was extra annoyed at various strangers who crossed my path. The lady who cut me off in traffic and flipped me the bird when I honked. The dude in the elevator at the Costco […]

The Elephant In The Room: The White Couch

January 27, 2014 // Parenting // 9 Comments

Back before we had kids we lived in a posh condo and all of our furniture was bought as a couple. We were newlyweds and we enjoyed having a double income with no kids. After we got married we moved […]