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Disney Princesses; Sex Objects or Role Models?

October 28, 2009 // Parenting

I happen to have a niece who is in love with Disney princesses and everything about them. She loves them so much that come Halloween I am pretty sure the little miss will be hoping to dress up just like one of her favorite princesses. My sister never pushed her daughter towards loving princess everything but the girl did end up gravitating towards the pretty images and the pink and purple colours and fancy outfits.

It is eye candy for the little ones and someone has done a very good job of marketing these princesses to all of our young girls. You can pretty much find any item with a Disney princess on it at the shops. Good job Disney marketing; you have captured the hearts of young girls and the wallets of their parents.

Now, my husband is anti Disney and his main reason is that he grew up in Florida and Disney World was over exposed for him because it was right there in his back yard. Our family will never end up at Disney Land or Disney World, at least not with him coming along.

He found this little picture of the main Disney princesses on one of the social book marking sites that he reads daily. Of course I don’t have a problem with little girls enjoying fun and fancy images and make believe but I do have an issue behind the images when you really dissect the whole Disney princesses and the messages behind them.

Of course I would never dress up my daughter as a sexy nurse or intentionally dress her up as Snow White knowing that her ‘burgeoning sexuality’ is such a threat it could get her murdered. What do YOU think about Disney princesses and the message they give our girls?



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