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Where is your belly button Ben?

January 30, 2010 // Uncategorized

Today vs. yesterday are very black and white. Yesterday was filled with many lovely moments and today was stretched out and took a lot out of me. Yesterday gave to me and filled me up so I guess that leaves me equal?

Yesterday Ben and I went around town and had lunch out, followed by some bad toddler dancing in the children’s department at H+M. He was on his best behavior and was very fun to be around. I love these days so much and I know how fleeting they really are.

Today I worked and I really worked hard from 715 AM till 730 PM. There was much leg holding to be done, long pushing sessions to get through and the much anticipated delivery. I was Andrea the nurse and not Andrea the mum. I am so happy to have these photos of Ben while I am gone all day. My husband took them while I worked today and I love seeing them as soon as I got home.

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