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The Nurses In My Life: I’m Celebrating Nurses Week!

May 11, 2010 // Uncategorized

I went into nursing school totally unaware of what a career in nursing actually entailed. I did not think about the oozy gross things or the potentially rude violent patients or the really horrible sad things. I did not think about over night shifts or extended shifts or swing shifts.

I went into nursing thinking that I happened to be a kind person that could help take care of sick people. I envisioned some hand holding, brow wiping and a soothing voices and a bit of pill pushing. Really, I had no idea what a nurse actually did.

Being a registered nurse is not what I expected it to be. At the same time I do really enjoy my career as a RN. If it is done right it is not so much a job as it is an art. There are some nurses who are excellent and amazing and some who are not. Just like anything in life there are some who are better than others. This blog tribute is for all of the excellent nurses that make nursing an art and make me proud to be a nurse too.

In my life I have been pretty healthy but I have had my moments where a registered nurse has made a difference.

Nurse Shirley- Diabetes Nurse Educator

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes at 19 years old, my doctor thought I had type 2 diabetes and sent me home with a perscription for a pill and signed me up to see the diabetes nurse educator. During my first visit with her she told me that I needed to be on insulin right away and not pills. This is when my life switched over. She helped me learn how to take care of diabetes but also how to manage it as part of my life.

Nurse Mitra- Labor and Delivery RN

My labor was ‘high risk’ because of being a type 1 diabetic and also because I was being induced at 36 weeks gestation (1 month ‘early’) as I had high BP. I required lots of monitoring through the labor, plus all the usual labor supports that perinatal nurses provide. Mitra was an absolute gem as my nurse, I will never forget her role in the safe labor and birth of my son. Even though it was an all night extravaganza in the labor ward, Mitra kept her cool and calm with me and gave me wonderful memories about the birth of my first born. When I yelled out that I thought I might be dying, she reassured me that I was actually having a baby.

Nurse Heather -Emergency Room RN

I haven’t had to go to the ER for much of anything in my adult life but the one trip that I did have to make was met by a fantastic Australian RN named Heather. I was having a miscarriage and had some complications with it and this nurse soothed my fears, physical pain and made me feel so well taken care of. What a difference a kind nurse can make.

Then there are the countless nurses in my personal life that I continually go to for advice or to share tales from the trenches. This post is to recognize all of the hard working and compassionate registered nurses who continually give to their profession. I am so proud to be part of this group. Happy Nurses Week!

Just for fun! How to make a nurses cap (even though they aren’t worn anymore!) Go here



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