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Practical or Total Luxury? The Taga Bicycle

June 4, 2010 // Uncategorized

The other day I found out about…. a stroller that is also a bicycle. Well, actually it is called a Taga and the claim is that it is a, “child carrier bike and luxury baby stroller in one“. I was quite intrigued when I heard about it and couldn’t wait to see what they actually meant. In my mind I conjured up an idea of what the contraption would look like and it was pretty much the same thing that I saw. However, in my fabulous mind it was a little bit more sleek.

This new idea was created by Dutch designers over at Taga Bikes. When we were traveling in Holland I was equally impressed and amazed at the amount of parents bicycling with their children on board. Not just one baby on the mama’s bicycle but two and we even saw three! Mama’s in fancy skirts and high heels would hop on the bicycle and take the children to and from. It was just the way to get around and part of the normal culture. Which is why I can definitely see how this idea came about.

Now, are North America parents ready for a Taga Bike? Could you see yourself taking little Charlie or Anna around town in this?

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