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Still Celebrating! Week 2 Of Giveaways!

June 7, 2010 // Uncategorized

We are now into week 2 of giveaways celebrating the 1st blogiversary of Apartment Baby! To celebrate we have presents to gift to you readers each week for 4 weeks!

Over the last year I have written a lot about my love and necessity of baby wearing. Ben was a very high needs baby and spent most of his infancy in a sling, tummy to tummy with someone. If he wasn’t in a sling he was crying, so into the sling he went! I had 2 slings, my husband had 1 and even Ben’s auntie used 1.

I didn’t start out my parenting adventures planning to use a sling all the time it just kind of happened and once I found out that wearing your baby was a #1 soothing technique I was in! We kept on using the sling because it was so convenient and a great way to move around with your baby.

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My husband was the one who first came across Gorgeousbaby pouch slings and we quickly became passionate customers. We love that this is a local company and owner Christina Fast makes the whole process of purchasing a perfect sling very easy. I have recommended Gorgeousbaby slings many times to friends and have even mentioned them to my patients. The quality of the material is great and there are many positions that you can put your little one in.

A sling isn’t just for a newborn or a little infant but also very useful for older babies through toddlerhood. We used our sling at the airport when we went to Arizona. It rolled up perfectly to store in my purse and helped keep Ben close and help him drift to sleep.

I can’t say enough about the perks of baby wearing and I can’t rave enough about my love of Gorgeousbaby! Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win your very own Gorgeousbaby sling. Contest is open to all US and Canadian residents and the winner will be able to consult with owner Christina Fast about appropriate sizing and also pick their favorite print of 1 pouch sling. Go ahead and take a look at all the beautiful slings over here.

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The winner will be announced in one week. Even if you have been a past giveaway winner you still can enter this contest. Good luck!



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