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The Thing About Pregnancy is….

September 4, 2010 // Uncategorized

The thing about pregnancy is that it is different for everyone. While some people will absolutely love every bloomin’ minute of their pregnancy, others will find each moment stressful and even dibilataing. I have the unique perspective of pregnancy from the experience of a labor and delivery nurse who works with high and low risk pregnancies. I also have the experience of a mother who fit into the ‘high risk’ pregnancy category.

Some people will tick by in their full term pregnancy. Able to think about midwifery care and home birth and all the good stuff that low risk pregnancies can give. Yet, other mothers-to-be will be full of angst and anticipation wondering if this pregnancy will result in a healthy baby. I had this nervous real world experience while I was in my third (or fourth, depending how you count it) pregnancy with Ben. Due to my history of pregnancy loss I was quite timid about my last pregnancy. Always thinking about the what if, knowing that at any moment you could be the next mother to say, ‘ I didn’t know it could happen to me’.

When, and if, I get pregnant again I know that it will be full of worry and uncertainty. Worry is what I happen to do best when facing anything life changing, and uncertainty is what I have learned from my career. Don’t count your chickens before your eggs hatch.



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