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A Welcome Tea Party For Baby Josie

February 22, 2012 // Uncategorized

Last weekend my family came from out of town and hosted an afternoon tea party to welcome their newest family member, Miss. Josephine Elise. She donned her fanciest frock and family and close old friends gathered together to properly meet this new baby.

The tea was flowing and the sugary treats were baked and served amidst a whole lot of baby loving. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by so many amazing women who were all excited to meet my daughter. Knowing that each woman present will watch Josie grow up over the years to come is heart bursting and I feel the love!

My sister arranged for the tea party guests to write personalized love notes to the guest of honor, giving her advice and words of wisdom for her. Now each card is tucked away in a special box for her to read as she grows up. I loved this touch and it was so special for me to read what each guest wrote for my daughter.

Thank you to my both of my sisters and my mum for hosting such a special event for my baby, and for the ladies in my life for taking the time to welcome Josie.



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