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Apartment Baby Take 2

March 22, 2012 // Apartment Living

I’m not a true minimalist but I do have a strong dislike for clutter and prefer items to be purposeful. When we were getting ready for Josie to join our family I did not rush out and buy a lot of baby stuff. A few people were a little perplexed at my lack of accumulating nursery gear but truly all any new baby really wants is room and bored; since I was going to be room sharing and breastfeeding those two needs would be met instantly! I actually only had to buy a new nursing bra and some diapers.

Apartment living lends itself to being a minimalist. There are no extra bedrooms to think about furnishing or ample empty closets to fill up with things and I embrace the smallness that comes with apartment living versus dwelling in a sprawling house. Everything that comes into our home must have a purpose and if it doesn’t, it is donated or recycled. We also don’t buy a lot of excess for either child. You don’t need 100 crayons to colour with or 20 different onesies to dress your baby in. At least, that is how we live. Would it be different if we lived in a big McMansion?

My only big baby purchase this time around was a brand new UppaBaby Vista stroller. This was a luxury to buy as we had a perfectly good 2008 model that would have worked just fine for Apartment Baby 2.0. However, I do have a few desires and a brand new stroller was one of them. Especially as we walk everywhere and anywhere around the city. We sold our previous UppaBaby for a great price on Craigslist and I worked an extra shift to cover the remainder of the cost. Out went the previous black stroller and in came a brand new red one, and I love it!

We use the bassinet from the stroller as Josie’s bed at night. I have a little rocking stand that is right next to my side and in the bassinet she goes. Some of the time she safely bed shares with me after an early morning feeding or during a particularly busy cluster feeding period. Besides the large purchase of the new stroller we just had to buy a carseat. The plus of subsequent children is that you require less new items and can reuse so many of your old ones. One day Josie will use Ben’s old condo size crib and she is already making use out of his old baby swing.

During the first few weeks Josie wore all of Ben’s newborn clothing along with any gifts that she was given. Another perk of buying a lot of neutral newborn items is the multi use from child to child. I also have a huge love for newborns dressed in white! In the early days there were a few nights of blue nightgowns and my tired brain did refer to Josie as ‘he’ once in awhile, but no harm done.

Are you more of an Apartment Mama like me or more of a Big House Momma? Did you set up a separate nursery before baby was born or did they room share with you?



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