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It’s Product Review Time! My Buzz B Nail Trimmer for baby

April 7, 2012 // Uncategorized

Babies and their tiny sharp little fingernails are dangerous weapons. Somehow our sweet tiny babies get these pointy claws that easily draw blood from their thin skin. The other day Josie woke up with a bloody face from trying to find her thumb all night long with her own dagger claws. There is a whole series of recent photos of my sweet baby girl with scratches all over her face. On occasion, when she was frantically trying to nurse, there was even long razor red scratches all along my chest.

Funny enough, with Ben I never had to worry about his finger or toe nails. I think I cut them once in his whole babyhood. Yeah, seriously just once. With Josie I have been nipping and clipping and using my Sephora crystal nail file like a crazy manicurist. Nothing was doing the trick and the girl was getting angry at my attempts to polish her snarly daggers. I also found it really annoying to try and properly trim and file her nails.

iPhone image of Josie with a hearty face scratch!

What I teach my postpartum families is to use a nail file on their babies delicate nails and to be weary about using clippers due to their delicate skin and nail beds. It sounded so easy peasy but actually was a lot harder in practice. So, recently I made a small luxurious baby purchase and bought a Buzz B Nail Trimmer by Zoli. This is the greatest little battery operated oscillating nail filer for babies. It comes with 4 different cushioned pads that are suitable for up to 2 years old. I tried it on Josie and we had instant success in the manicure department. I used it while I was nursing her and it must have tickled a little as she would stop and smile up at me.

This would be a really great gift to give to a new parent for their baby. I bought mine at our local neighbourhood baby boutique, Saf & Benjamin.



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