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Goodbye Muffin Top: My Postpartum Weight Loss

April 12, 2012 // Uncategorized

My baby girl is nearing three months old and I’m heading out of the time period of being okay with my current post partum weight. I want to get rid of these extra pounds I’m toting around. Part of me is afraid that if I don’t make an effort to lose my baby weight right now, I’ll never get around to it. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to be be fat and the thought of watching the scale creep up scares me.

Yep, that was me back in the day! A good 200+ pounds and at my heaviest weight ever.

Back in 2004 I weighed in at a well earned 200 pounds. I was eating whatever I wanted, exercise was not my game and I worked shift work and ate carbs and fat all night shift long. Then I got engaged and like so many brides I decided I wanted to look svelte on my wedding day. With regular cardio and weights and a healthy diet of protein, vegetables and minimal processed food, I went down to my lightest weight of 160 pounds. I brought lunches to work, always ate a protein fuelled breakfast and had no problem maintaining a steady weight.

I was able to keep at this weight for a few years but after my first two pregnancies, both ending in miscarriage, I gained 10 pounds and settled in at 170 pounds. I was still satisfied with the way my body felt and how I looked.

At my happy weight of about 165 pounds.

During my pregnancy with Ben I gained 35 pounds and lost most of it right after after he was born. I had 2 stubborn post partum pounds but walked around at 172 pounds with no problem. I still wanted to get back to my happy weight of 165 pounds, but I was content.

Then came motherhood and I stopped exercising regularly and allowed myself a few more carbolicious treats. For the last two years I walked around at about 175-178 pounds and didn’t love that number. I would constantly struggle and try to get down to my happy weight, but I didn’t give it the same enthusiasm as I once had in the past.

During my pregnancy with Josie I was a lot more aware of my weight and my weight gain. I actually kind of hate that awareness, because I really believe that time should be more about embracing your body and less about obsessing over the scale. It didn’t help that the office ‘nurse’ would tsk tsk each pregnancy pound I gained. I went from 178 pounds pre pregnancy to a final 220 pounds.

Right after I had Josie I dropped 30 pounds with a blink of an eye and danced around with utter glee and satisfaction. I was 190 pounds and was excited to see the rest drop off like it had with Ben. Alas, my baby is nearing three months old and I’m tired of feeling so postpartum and rolly. Which brings me to my resolution that started yesterday.

Goodbye croissants at the coffee shop. Goodbye to ordering whatever the heck I want off the restaurant menu. Hello, healthy salads and lean proteins. I’m ready to be dedicated to fuelling my body with proper nutrients. I’ll be the one munching on almonds and dried apricots while everyone else eats the cake.

My first week weight in starts off at 189 pounds. I’ll be blogging about my weight loss journey until I hit my goal of 170 pounds. Wish me luck!



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