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Enjoying My Moment

April 18, 2012 // Uncategorized

I’ve come to a big conclusion about my current battle (obsession) in becoming the perfect housewife; I would much rather hold my baby than worry about the dust accumulating and what amazing meal to whip up. This baby is a sweet one, and most likely my last one, and I’m going to enjoy being home with her and her brother.

I would rather my arms grow weary from holding all 14 pounds of my baby than from deep cleaning my carpet.

I would rather the wrinkles on my face be from smiling and laughing with my funny 3 year old and not from making my ‘stress face’ while staring down last nights dinner dishes that are still piled high.

Basically, I’m giving myself a break from attempting to become the perfect stay at home mama of two. Instead I will pick baby snuggles over washing the bathroom counters. I will choose lounging with my children instead of stressing over tidiness and order.

That being said I still don’t want to live in a big dump. I am a happier gal with a clean and tidy abode and I am spending much more time at home than I ever did before. So, when there are quiet moments, or when the little ones are fast asleep, I will haul the garbage to the basement and fold their tiny shirts. I’ve also been doing more regular bouts of cleaning which has really helped in the overall hours I need to spend cleaning. When given the opportunity I just might vacuum instead of blog or read a trashy magazine. Gasp!

I’m still learning to balance it all but there is definitely a lot more joy in my life and less self criticism than weeks ago. Right now I’ve got two happy children, a load of clean wash turning in the dryer, a bit of a mess on the kitchen counters but nothing that I can’t handle! I’m off to go snuggle my smiley growing Josie and enjoy her.



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