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My Text Book Baby; Life After Parenting A High Needs Baby

April 20, 2012 // Uncategorized

I really can’t help but constantly compare my babies to each other. I had one very high needs baby that broke me into motherhood and now I have a text book baby to follow up. Today I went out for lunch just with Josie; she slumbered in her stroller while I ate peacefully. She is 3 months old.

Reflecting back on my sons infancy I honestly can’t recall the little details. When did he start smiling? Did he coo and babble? I was so exhausted that I can’t remember and I’m not sure I even paid attention. I think I was so shocked at how much work he was that I wasn’t able to take in all those little moments.

Mothering Josie is joyful and I catch myself numerous times each day declaring my love for her. Today we were strolling down the seawall,she was alert and content sitting in her stroller. Her eyes wide open only until they fluttered to a close and off to sleep she was; in my head I must have said ‘I love you! I love you’. This never happened with our first baby. There was never a time he peacefully went to sleep in a car seat, a stroller or even the sling. There was always crying and lots of ‘shhhing’ and baby dancing from us. There just was never the moment to be reflective.

The greatness that has really come from parenting a first baby who needed a lot of everything is that I now have many many tricks up my sleeve to parent a text book baby. If you can handle a lion, you can definitely handle a kitten.

Josie wakes up around 8 AM and coos and babbles and smiles 1,000 times. She is alert and content and an hour later she is ready to go back to bed. I usually change her and dress her for the day. If we are going out, I even put her coat on to make the transition easy.

She nurses around 10 AM but she doesn’t want to be bothered about being awake. The girl wants to eat and go back to sleep.She then enters her nap time and I make the most of it and usually head out. She loves sleeping in her stroller and will sleep for 2-3 hours in a row.

She wakes to nurse again and we share a smile and a



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