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Thinking About Being Green and Keeping Clean

April 27, 2012 // Uncategorized

It wasn’t until I was growing a baby that I even started to think about the cleaning products I bought. I was buying the usual top brands; heavy on the ‘clean’ scent and often warnings to wear gloves. I didn’t have much knowledge about toxins in cleaning products and the impact on my health. It wasn’t until my pregnancy with Ben that I even started to think about what I was potentially exposing my body and growing baby to.

My first attempt was to stop cleaning completely and told my husband to do it. You know, for the baby. Since that didn’t pan out, I started seeking out more green products to use instead. Even just a few years ago green products didn’t always to seem to do the job. In recent years I became a big user of Method cleaning products and felt pretty happy with their green standing and the job they actually did.

This past week I was invited to a blogger event sponsored by Seventh Generation and hosted by Whole Foods. We met up with book author Gillian Deacon, author of ‘There’s Lead In Your Lipstick‘, for a tour of a few aisles to talk about toxins in household products. This topic definitely interests me and I was curious about what small changes I could make that would have an impact.

Listening intently to Gillian talk about how to read labels on products. Look for a shorter list with non-synthetic ingredients.

Of course the parts of the tour that really spoke to me were about the products that I use on my baby. From the fancy bath wash, to the scented wipes, and even the special baby laundry soap. Apparently, all those delicious smelling creams and potions are not needed to keep my baby clean and happy. I learned that I need to be a savvy consumer and read labels and opt for more natural fragrances like lavender or grapefruit oil.

A few weeks ago I decided to stop using soap on Josie’s little body because she was getting dry rough patches of skin. Turns out, she is still just as fresh and clean with just a soap free soak in the tub. Gillian talked about how babies actually need a lot less products and to always read ingredient labels. Just because something is marketed to be made for a baby, doesn’t mean that it is always a good product. A baby’s skin is equipped with a great balance of oils that keeps their skin perfect without a lot of product.

Touring the baby aisle with Gillian. An aisle I spend some time in buying diapers, wipes and the usual baby stuff.

Do you buy products based on their greenness? What changes have you already made to avoid toxins in products? Check out the Good Guide to see where your current products are ranked.



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